How To Restore Your Soft And Healthy Human Hair Wig

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Do you have a dry human hair wig? Dull and lifeless? Does your wig lack volume or need new wig ideas? This is a wig guide to all the content

Do you have a dry human hair wig? Dull and lifeless? Does your wig lack volume or need new wig ideas? This is a wig guide to all the content - so you can get delicious and healthy wig! Get your dream wig through correct care and wig dresser's good advice. You can also find the perfect wig style for your face and be guided to delicious and simple wig styles and settings suitable for daily life and parties.

Use wigdresser's skills to get soft and healthy wig. If the hottest summer recently left traces on your wig, fortunately you can restore luster without going to the barber's. Here, you can learn the wig dresser's skills to restore your soft and healthy human wig.

wig dresser's secret to healthy and soft wig

To get healthy and soft wig, first consider moisture - as much moisture as possible - it is the Alpha Omega of soft, healthy and shiny wig. Use good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and good moisturizing wig care at least once a week.

When our wig is stubborn, dry and dull, it is often the wig that needs care. The cuticle is only open and may need cleaning. Fortunately, you can afford it, says wigdresser Kimie mica: you can mix high-quality old-fashioned apple vinegar with water and rinse your wig in it. wigdresser Kimie mica says it closes the cuticle and you will immediately feel and see the great difference in your wig. Otherwise, you can use a good cider therapy, which can change your wig. You can even make apples that nourish your wig at home.

What matters is small things

Professional wiggler gave small but important advice on healthier wig:

1. If your wig is very long, braid it into braids or small stems when you sleep, so that your wig won't hang on the pillow all night.

2. Do not rub your wig when leaving the bathtub - it will damage and damage the cuticle. Instead, hold your wig with a towel or wear an old T-shirt.

3. Buy a suitable brush, preferably wig. Don't hurt your wig when you need to save wet wig, and don't tear too much. It's best to avoid saving your wig when it's wet.

4. A wig must be tried on before purchasing it. So you will you which wig fits you.

How to use dry cleaning shampoo correctly

If you still want to wash your wig once or twice from time to time, if you don't have a dry cleaning shampoo on the bathroom shelf in your home, please prepare a dry cleaning shampoo for yourself. Dry cleaning shampoo is a powdered product that can remove excess oil from wig. Dry cleaning shampoo has appeared since the 1970s, and now there are many different varieties. Some provide care and volume, while others only clean wig. Divide the wig into small parts and spray dry shampoo on the curly wig at a distance of about 20 cm.

How to wash your wig correctly

Always use dry shampoo on completely dry wig. If you want to maximize the use of dry shampoo, you can put it in your wig and heat it with a wig dryer for a few seconds. Make oily wig with dry shampoo in advance. This means you don't have to wait until your wig is greasy, otherwise dry cleaning shampoo will not work. For example, if you know you don't want to wash your wig in the morning, use dry cleaning shampoo before going to bed at night. After applying dry shampoo, wait about 2 minutes, then shake your wig (to create a sense of fullness) or comb your wig. If you have dark blond or dark wig, please choose a colored dry cleaning shampoo so that you can avoid the appearance of "dust" on your scalp when using dry cleaning shampoo. Let the curls dry for a more carefree look - it's good for your wig.

Proper use of towels

When you come out of the bathtub and dry your 13x5 transparent lace front wig, it is important not to wear too much on your wig through loose friction. Gently dry, comb your wig, and then hug your wig with a towel again. Do it quietly so that you don't destroy the natural structure of your wig. If your wig is good, it is recommended to apply a little oil at the end of your wig. It nourishes and keeps curly wig healthy. Dry and worn wig looks more dry and worn when air dried, so try to restore wig to health.


The last good thing to remember when drying your wig is to let your wig choose a natural direction. In other words, you must wait until your wig is completely dry to set. Then, if you think the wig lacks texture, you can in turn add more products to the wig and shape it more specifically.