What is the max number of players in Runescape?

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Runescape has a maximum level no matter which version of Jagex's MMORPG you

choose to play. With so many talents to hone and places to explore it RuneScape Gold can get

difficult to keep track of everything you need to know about highest level

available in Runescape.

Runescape was launched in 2001, evolving and adding exciting features in the

process. However, one thing for certain is that players will continue to

progress until they reach the maximum level and create new accounts to embark

on new adventures. You might be seeking to begin your next adventure or even

reaching the limit of your current account. Either you choose, there's an

extended journey ahead.

What is the max number of players in Runescape?

It is true that both Runescape as well as OSRS (Old School Runescape) have

levels that you can reach and are made up of different skill levels. Despite

the two games sharing many of the same gameplay, the level cap between is

actually a little bit different for free and paid membership accounts.

For free Runescape accounts, the max amount is set at 1750. When it comes to

Runescape players who choose to purchase a membership plan, the maximum level

is increased to 2772. It's a long way to reach the maximum level cap , so

don't fret about tackling the vast Runescape experience at once. To reach the

maximum level cap is a matter of requiring all level of skill to be at the

level 99.

In regards to Old School Runescape the free account's max level limit is

1395. Members who have a subscription to Old School Runescape will be allowed

to increase their level to level 1782.

Do you earn XP once you reach the level cap?

If you've managed to reach the max level cap already or have considered

making the effort to reach it, then do not fret about your XP levels

stopping. When you've reached your most advanced levels in each version of

Runescape and you'll continue to gain XP while you continue playing the game


Reaching the maximum level can allow you to earn that Max Cape too, which cheap rs accounts is

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