NBA 2K22 Ratings of the Chicago Bulls' starting 5

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As the release date of NBA 2K22 draws closer, more and more ratings for the game are being slashed

As the release date of NBA 2K22 draws closer, more and more ratings for the game are being slashed. As it turns out, one Miami Heat player in particular is dissatisfied with his overall rating.

Duncan Robinson recently responded to his NBA 2K22 rating in an episode of his podcast, The Long Shot podcast, which you can listen to here. Davis Reid, his co-host, informed him that two of his ratings had been made public by the Nielsen Company.

First and foremost, it was revealed that he had a total of 90 three-point attempts, which tied him for third in the entire game. For the time being, he is tied with Seth Curry and Joe Harris for third place, with only Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson ahead of him for first.

Robinson's initial reaction to the rating was positive, and he did not appear to be too discouraged. He stated that it represents a significant improvement over his rating when he first entered the league as a rookie.

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“I think that's a reasonable suggestion. I believe that there has been progression, if you will, from Ronnie 2K. Remember, I was the worst player in the game, in fact, I was the worst player in the entire game my first year. I believe I received a 67 overall, with a 69 as the next closest score. So it wasn't even like I was off by a single point.”
No one could have predicted what Robinson would become after being passed over for the draft. Clearly, the 2K ratings team was completely unaware of what was going on.

Having a three-point percentage of 90 seems a little low, especially considering how well he has shot the ball. However, when you consider that the only two players who are better than him are Curry and Thompson, it's difficult to be too critical of him.

However, once Robinson learned what his overall impression was, the atmosphere changed a little. Reid discovered Robinson's rating on a 2K website, and when he informed Robinson of his discovery, Robinson appeared a little taken aback.

The overall rating he allegedly received was a 77 out of 100. The way things were going, Robinson believed he had been assigned to the class of 78, so when he received the news, he wasn't too pleased.

“So a 77 seems a little low to me. To be completely honest, I would love to be 79. That seems to me to be a reasonable assessment. If I have a good start to the year, they might consider bumping me up to 80. You should know that I'm only a stone's throw away from 80.”
When it came to predicting the overall NBA 2K22 rating of the Miami Heat roster, the consensus was that Robinson should receive an 80. He has such a significant impact on the Heat, and his rating should reflect that importance.

In order for the Miami Heat to be successful on the offensive end, he must make three three-pointers. They would have finished in the bottom three of the league in three-point percentage last season if he hadn't been there.