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Canvas printing is the printing of an image by an inkjet or inkjet printer on canvas.

Canvas painting

mural printing
What is the concept of printing on murals and what are its types?
To begin with, let's differentiate between canvases for printing, and drawing on canvases. In addition, there is a common confusion between paper plate printing, acrylic plate printing, and canvas printing.

Canvas printing is the printing of an image by an inkjet or inkjet printer on canvas. Once printed, the canvas is stretched onto a frame. Some people choose paintings without a frame while others prefer wall paintings that are printed with a frame.
Composite printing is a paper printing attached to a backing plate. The focus in this print is on preserving the image and getting it ready for framing or hanging on the wall.
As for acrylic printing, a photograph is taken that is printed on paper. The image is then placed between sheets of acrylic, often referred to as plexiglass.
When comparing the three types of prints, canvases evoke an artistic feel. This is because they are similar in appearance to oil and acrylic paintings.


Canvas Printings
What are canvas panels?
Canvas is a strong, durable fabric that was first made using hemp. In the modern era, cotton and linen have replaced hemp. Most canvases you buy for your home use cotton or polyester.

What is the difference between cotton and polyester in the manufacture of canvases?
The main difference between the two is the color accuracy.

While the color seeps into the cotton fiber fabric, it remains on the surface of the synthetic polyester thread. Because of this, polyester prints are brighter and cotton prints last longer.

So which is better? It depends on what you're looking for. Cotton canvases are considered by many to be higher quality and closer to what you will find in the gallery. But polyester is the more affordable option, and it also produces bold, colorful prints.

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What are the forms of coordinating wall panels?
Canvas types and options vary depending on the wall area and layout. If you are trying to decide what type of canvas is best for your room layout, check out our tip below.

Single Wall Panel: Single wall panels are a great option, oversized pieces, or for small spaces in your home where they are more appropriate than crowded panels.
Divided mural: If you have more wall space or a lot of room for canvas art, you may want to create a multi-panel layout. Whether you use 2, 3, or even 10 wall panels, you can develop a beautiful design that fits any space.
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Canvas shapes and sizes
Looking for the perfect canvas shapes and sizes to fit your wall space? We are here to help you. Check out our descriptions and use cases below.

Modern elegant wall panel with foliage in a distinctive home decor
What are the shapes of the canvas board?
Square Wall Panels: A square mural has equal lengths on each side of the print. This form of print is ideal for creating a grid layout on a wall and for using a variety of murals.
Rectangular wall panels: Canvas prints are rectangular when one side of the panel is longer or shorter than the other two sides. These prints are great for walls where there is uneven space either vertically or horizontally, or to fill in gaps in an asymmetric layout.
Hexagonal frescoes are polygons with six sides. This unique canvas shape works great as an assembled piece in a honeycomb pattern of canvas.
What are the sizes and measurements of the canvas?
Small Wall Paintings: Small Wall Paintings are perfect for filling those small spaces around your home with beautiful memories.
Small to Medium Wall Panels: Small to medium canvas panels are ideal for creating multiple canvas print layouts in large rooms, or for filling in smaller walls in a bedroom or bathroom.
Large Wall Paintings: If you have a lot of space on the wall, a special family portrait, or a favorite high-quality photo, these extra large and luxurious wall murals may be the best choice for you.

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