The Various Kinds of Custody Arrangements for Children

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Reaching an agreement about child custody is almost never a simple process. Disputes over the future of the child will add to the number of legal battles that need to be fought because of the hopes and feelings that are a part of raising a child and wanting to spend time with him or her. 

Parents show their children appreciation and hope for the very best for them. It is anticipated that these orders, which are legally binding, will remain in place for a significant amount of time. At this time, the courts and the lawyers are working very hard to find a solution that will fulfill the requirements of all of the parents' requests.

When it is up to a court to decide who gets custody of the children, he or she will take into consideration the ages of the children, the quality of the environment in which they are living, and the preferences of the children.

Other variables, such as the location of the child's school, the parent's ability to provide emotional support, the objectives that each parent has set for themselves, and any prior record of criminal activity, all have a major role. In most cases, one of two living arrangements will emerge as a direct consequence of an agreement:

The court encourages parents to share parental responsibilities for their children via the practice of joint custody. As a consequence of this, family law lawyers and the courts will work hard to devise a system under which both parents may play an active part in the rearing of their kids, provided that this is both possible and desired. When two parents share legal responsibility for their children, this legal arrangement is known as "joint custody."

One parent has legal physical custody of the child under the terms of a custody arrangement known as sole custody. The word "sole" could provide the wrong impression. As was said before, the government holds the view that it is best for the child to have a connection with both of their parents. 

It has been shown that the presence of two positive role models in a child's life has a significant beneficial impact on the child's overall development and quality of life. As a direct consequence of this, agreements for exclusive custody of a child often contain provisions allowing the other parent to have visiting rights.

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