The biggest drawback is sheer size of the two hubs

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The amount of 2K MT advertising for products in NBA 2K has always been massive, and the 2K23 edition has so much it's comical at times. Oddly enough, though, this makes it seem more reflective of the league today. Professional sports have pre-game shows sponsored by one company.

Half-time shows sponsored by another or post-game show that is sponsored by a completely different one. It's odd to be able to have the NBA video game sporting similar features, even though it's still better without.

Most of the on-court improvements as well as off-court activities included in NBA 2K23 make for great playability and enjoyment, especially the new seasonal quest features that provide players with ample incentive to participate in various options, especially head-to head matches.

The biggest drawback is sheer size of the two hubs. In both hubs The City on current-gen and The Neighborhood (a massive cruise ship) on previous-gen are filled with events. Still, those activities are also spread across an inordinately large space.

Even with a bike or skateboard players will probably spend every minute navigating The City as they do playing basketball. While both hubs feature attractive art styles yet it's a bit of a waste of time.

The fun of NBA 2K23 doesn't stop with MyCareer. There are some new features to MyTeam, with badges that can use on cards similar to the badges within the other modes of 2K to create a wider choice of lineups, and play styles. There are also changes that will affect Unlimited as well as Limited Competitive modes.

A brand new Draft mode, and the revamped mode The 100. Unfortunately, all these modes appear to be sloppy and don't add any new entertainment to NBA 2K23 MT Safe For Sale the competitive table. It's also in these mode that the microtransactions, which are in NBA 2K23 really show.





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