NBA 2K23 Player Model Recommendation

We can build a strong player based on these models below, which may take some time. If you want to speed up the build, then you can buy 2K23 MT to speed it up.

A good player is very important in NBA 2K23, which can help us get an advantage in the game of this game. There are many different models for players to choose from in NBA 2K23, and different models can bring different effects. So what player should we choose to be? This guide below suggests some player models for us, and you can choose one.

We can build a strong player based on the models below, which may take some time. If you want to speed up the build, then you can buy 2K23 MT to speed it up.

Basic offensive players

The choice is a point guard, with a dribbling layup and a balanced defensive surface as the center. This model is characterized by a high blue and orange ceiling, and the disadvantage is that it does not have particularly outstanding abilities. Therefore, you have to rely on your teammates if you can't get to the basket. The dominant players are the rim-rattling and organizational cores.

Flexible two-sided player

The position of choice is small forward, characterized by slashing dunks and unimpressive shooting.

Offensively, 93 points of slashing and dunking, 85 of three-point, and 86 of outside defense can get the maximum special ability of each color.

Physical and defensive aspects, speed, and strength are not bad, it is a pity that the defensive side is slightly worse, not able to get too many important special abilities.

The dominant choice is impacting the basket and locking down the defense.

Comprehensive point player

This player model is based on the not-so-weak stats and pursues the most special abilities possible.

For blue, get the better special ability with 93 points for slashing and dunking.

In green, you get a special ability related to shooting with 85 points from three.

On the orange side, take 89 for ball handling as the core and improve dribbling speed appropriately to ensure the offensive ability.

In red, 86 is for outside defense and 78 is for steals. The outside defense must be fixed, and steals can be lowered appropriately if you want to improve other items.

Physical fitness is in addition to the bounce as full as possible to pull.

This modeling of the master choice is relatively rich, choose to suit their style of play can be.

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