A New Chapter for Frank Europe GmbH in the United States—acrylic or glass

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This post is an advertisement for a company that provides services to the museum industry

This post is an advertisement for a company that provides services to the museum industry. These are the sole views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those who have provided comments; they are in no way representative of the views, opinions, or positions expressed by AAM or any of its employees.

With the establishment of Frank America, Frank Europe GmbH (Frankeurope. com) expresses its commitment to the vitality and resilience of the United States' cultural community, as the museum industry begins to emerge from the difficult challenges of the previous year.

The Argument in Favor of Optimism

According to Philippe Plessers, who recently assumed executive leadership as Managing Director of the Germany-based organization alongside Thomas Kurz, Chief Financial Officer: "We believe that the current moment is the appropriate time to put in place an American company acrylic versus glass."It is our intention to be present to support the projects that are moving to the forefront and to meet the anticipated increase in demand in the world's most dynamic cultural market."

Innovative Thought for a Quarter-Century

These distinguishing characteristics of the Frank Showcase Systems attracted Plessers and Evans, both of whom have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of premium exhibition casework systems. Those characteristics are the result of Manfred and Wolfgang Frank's 25-year commitment to product development and organizational evolution. With their complementary engineering and business skills, they were able to propel Frank Europe to the international prominence it enjoys today.


Despite the fact that Frank System products are sold all over the world, Frank GmbH Europe is firmly rooted in Bad Kreuznach, a historic spa town near Mainz, which serves as the capital of Germany's Rhine-centered wine industry. This region of Western Germany difference between acrylic and glass, located near Frankfurt to the east, ranks first among all German states in terms of exports, with small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) such as Frank Europe serving as the region's economic backbone.

Recently, the company modified the Frank System, which was originally designed for difference between acrylic and glass casework, to allow it to manufacture glass cases. In addition, in response to client requests, an operable door option has been added. These advancements allow clients to maintain a uniform casework aesthetic while accommodating a variety of display case requirements at the same time.

A System that has won numerous awards

The Frank System is distinguished by its unrivaled slide-in connection technology, which has been patented and is available only from Frank. Assembly of dustproof, airtight (standard AER 0.2-0.3) cases for the safe and secure display of collection objects requires no screws or gaskets and takes only a few minutes. Because the thin extrusions that make up the case's framework are engineered to be flush with the case's acrylic or glass surfaces, the case achieves a subtly elegant, award-winning appearance that "puts the object first," as the saying goes."It's what's on the inside that counts," as the saying goes.