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"Brother Qi," said Mr. Chien with a deep sigh, "you're too late. The old monk Cheng has already been killed." Qi Tiao suddenly changed color and shouted, "What?"? Did Cheng escape because of the bald donkey? He dared to think that Master Cheng had escaped by himself, so he was very unhappy with his words and expressions! Mr. Chien Da shook his head and said, "Master Cheng Yin is good at martial arts, but he is under five prohibitions. Naturally, he is unable to escape on his own." Qi was stunned for a moment and said, "Well.." How did he escape? wW w.xia oshuotxT.Com In the eighth chapter, the two elders narrated the past. Txt Xiao _ Shuo Tian/Tang "I've been picked up," said Mr. Chien. He sat down slowly, raised his eyebrows, and laughed. "Brother Chien," he said, "I think you must have seen it." "I've got it," said Mr. Chien. "Otherwise, Master Cheng Yin wouldn't have been taken away." "" Brother Chien, "he said," the more you talk, the more confused you become. " Mr. Chien gave a wry smile and said, "Brother Qi, the mistake is that Brother Qi came half a day late." "Brother Chien," he said with a sneer, "you.." Suddenly he sighed and said,rapid sand filters, "If you don't believe me, Brother Chien will have the heart to shirk his responsibility. There must be some misunderstanding in the meantime." "Brother Qi," said Mr. Chien, "there's been a misunderstanding." After a pause, he suddenly changed the subject and asked, "Brother Qi, when you came to Mount Song this time, did you have the order of Master Yu Ping's Sword?" When Qi Kui heard this, he suddenly changed color. "What's the matter?" He said angrily? "Brother Chien didn't believe the master's letter from the flying pigeon?" Mr. Chien smiled faintly and said,disc air diffuser, "Brother Qi, don't be impetuous. I just want to know if you have an amulet." "Why?" He asked. "Because of the robbery," said Mr. Chien, "I hope Brother Qi will tell me to clear up his doubts." Qi Kui snorted coldly and said angrily, "Very good. Since your brother Jane doesn't even believe in the master's flying pigeon, he can't believe in his brother." After a pause, he suddenly laughed wildly and said, "I can't believe we've been together for decades, but it's not as important as a mere Yuping amulet.." Reach into the bosom, angrily take out the amulet! The look on Mr. Chien's face was obviously a little nervous, and his eyes were staring at him for a moment, waiting for him to take out the jade duckweed amulet. However, after reaching into his bosom, he suddenly changed his expression and froze in his seat. There was no movement for a long time! When Mr. Chien saw that Qi had put his hand into his arms, his expression suddenly changed and he froze in his seat. He couldn't take out the "Yuping Order Charm" for a long time. He frowned and smiled. "Brother Qi, what's wrong?" He asked. Shi Chengxian looked on coldly and understood most of it. "It seems that this old man Qi must have thrown away the'Yuping Order Charm '.." he thought. After thinking about it, he stretched out his hand in a daze and said, fine bubble diffuser ,Lamella Plate Settler, "Brother, you have lost the order of Yuping's sword!" Mr. Chien smiled coldly and said, "Brother Qi, it's not that brothers are talkative. What an important thing is the master's amulet. How can Brother Qi place it at will?" With his eyebrows raised, he suddenly stood up and shouted, "Excuse me, brother Jane.." The voice did not fall, the person has gone to the layman. Mr. Chien stretched out his hand to stop him and said with a smile, "Brother Qi, take care!" "Brother Chien," said Qi Kui with a sneer, "you've already figured out where the Yuping Sword Order was lost. Naturally, you're eager to get it back. Do you have ulterior motives to stop your brother?" It was obvious that the old friends had a grudge against each other. When Mr. Chien heard this, he burst out laughing and said, "Brother Qi, please don't be impatient. It's not too late for you to explain before you leave." Qi Kui snorted helplessly, but was still reluctant to answer: "All right!"! Brother Jane had better make a long story short! "Of course," said Mr. Chien with a smile, "but.." "But what?" He asked. "But I'd like to explain to Brother Qi first," said Mr. Chien, "that your'Jade Ping Sword Order 'must not be lost at the moment." "Do you know?" He asked. Mr. Chien Da smiled and said, "Brother Qi, it was only when Jin Er saw your sword order that Master Cheng Yin was taken away." It was not until this moment that he began to understand. He was in a daze and said, "Could it be.." Could it be. Did the man who stole the sword order do it? "Yes," said Mr. Chien, "Brother Qi finally understands." He suddenly glanced at Jin Er and said, "Jin Er, do you remember what that man looked like?" Jin Er looked at Qi Kui and said in a daze, "Subordinates.." Subordinates. Some dare not say. "What are you afraid to say?" He asked, frowning? "If you're afraid of being blamed by Lord Jane, I'll tell you something for you!" Turning to Mr. Chien, he said, "Brother Chien, for the sake of my brother, before we find out all the truth, why don't we pay a fine?" Mr. Chien said with a smile, "Brother Qi talks about love. How can a brother not allow it?"? Jin Er, just say it straight out! Jin Er still shook his head and said, "My subordinates are not afraid of being blamed by the head of the hall. They are only afraid of being protected together.." Fa Jian.. Take offense! "I don't blame you," said Qi with a smile. Jin Er answered in a trembling voice, "My subordinates first thanked the Dharma Protector for his kindness." "Cut the crap and say it quickly," Qi said impatiently. Jin Er was stunned for a moment and said in a low voice, "The man who holds the'Yuping Sword Order 'on behalf of the master is your old self!" When Qi Kui heard this, he suddenly jumped forward and gave Jin Er a mouth. "Fart!" He shouted! Do you really want to die? How could the old man. As the sound lingered on, Mr. Chien laughed and said, "Brother Qi, Jin Er is the only one who witnessed this. Don't hurt his life and turn it into a headless case. You'll be in trouble." There was something in Mr. Chien's words, and how could he not hear it? Sure enough, he stepped back slowly and fixed his eyes on Mr. Chien. "What do you mean, brother Chien?" He asked in a deep voice. "Brother Qi," said Mr. Chien, "if you want to find out where the Sword Order is, I'm afraid you can't do without Jin Er." With a deep sigh,Belt Filter Press, he sat down and said, "Brother Chien, are you even suspicious of your brother?" 。 khnwatertreatment.com




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