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His face was extremely ugly. He muttered to himself, "Elder Martial Brother, you and I have been fighting all our lives. Do you want to continue fighting when we are dying?" The name of the rosefinch, when I lost, to you is. But don't go too far!

Zhao Yulan hurriedly opened, hurriedly looked for the needle and thread, opened and repaired, and saw that the clothes were really dirty, the collar and cuffs were not washed clean, so she asked Xiaoyu to help re-starch and dry them. And told Xiuxiu, "You go back again, bring all the old clothes at home, together to help you starch and sew, later, don't mention it, send it all!"! Do you know that you are responsible for cooking at home and taking good care of your grandfather and mother? You go back and say, if anyone is polite, don't come to see me in the future! Tian Xiuxiu nodded hesitantly and turned to run. Zhao Yulan stopped her again, took two bowls of meat dishes from the kitchen, and brought her a basket. "Walk slowly on the way, and come back after lunch!" Tian Xiuxiu smiled brightly at her and ran away quickly. After noon, Tian Xiuxiu really came again, with a pile of dirty clothes, very embarrassed, "brother said, that's hard for you!" Zhao Yulan smiled and brought her a bowl of cool sour plum soup. "These clothes will take a while to mend. The clothes aired in the morning are almost ready. Let's gossip. When they are dry, you can take them back first and take them tomorrow." Tian Xiuxiu hesitated for a moment, took the sour plum soup but did not drink, put it on the table, "I put this, I have to go back to decoct medicine to work!"! Can I get my clothes after decocting the medicine? Hearing this, Zhao Yulan felt sad and touched her thin shoulder. "Then go back quickly!" Tian Xiuxiu ran in a hurry again, until the sun was in the west, and then rushed over sweating, picked up the sour plum soup and drank it down, "this time you can talk!"! At noon, steamed bread is steamed, vegetables are also done, now the weather is hot, even if it is cold at night,industrial racking systems, it can also be eaten! Zhao Yulan had already packed up Tian Fusheng's clothes and made a small bundle, in which she secretly stuffed a pair of newly bought cloth shoes and a hundred pennies, but instead of giving them to her in a hurry, she sat down according to Tian Xiuxiu. "Look at you running breathlessly. There's a basin. Wash your face by yourself. Come here and comb your hair!" Tian Xiuxiu felt his sweat and disheveled hair, very shy, washed his hands and face, Zhao Yulan had prepared a comb and a new hair rope, carefully tied a big braid for her neatly, tidied up, smiled in the mirror, "What a beautiful little girl, but no time to dress up!" Tian Xiuxiu blushed and lowered her head, and Zhao Yulan asked her about her family, secretly thinking about what to do for his family. After chatting for a while, he did not stay much and took the bundle to send her out. Just after school, I went out and met Aunt Niu who came to pick up Niu Dewang. Now in the Academy, I studied classics, history and arithmetic in the morning, radio shuttle racking ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and in the afternoon, I added a class to teach piano, chess, calligraphy and painting in turn. Recently, because of several donations, the money is enough, so they no longer charge additional student fees and open free of charge. So as long as the family is not busy, most of the children can come to school. He led Niu Dewang and his three boys into the house. When they saw a strange and comely girl leaving the house, they were all curious. When she left, Aunt Niu asked, "Who is that?" "Tian Xiuxiu, the little girl of the Tian family!" Zhang Facai pointed to the back of the little girl and taught the children a lesson. "Look at her. She cooks and washes clothes at home all day and takes care of a big family at such an old age.". Think about you again. You are served by people who eat and drink well all day long. If you are not good at studying, think about who you are worthy of. Niu Dewang was frightened to hide, but looked at Tian Xiuxiu's back curiously, "How can she look like a bamboo pole?" Aunt Niu was angry with her son. "That's because I'm tired of working!"! I didn't have to eat well, so I grew up like that! Niu Dewang felt the round meat on his body. "If you don't eat, you'll be hungry!"! If she has no food to eat, let her come to our house to eat. Everyone laughed, and Aunt Niu sighed, "I don't know how many poor people there are in the world, and how many can our family manage?" Zhang Facai said, "It's good that Wang Er can have this heart!" Zhang yuanbao said, "The teacher has said that we should care for the old and the old, and care for the young and the young.". Treat other people's old people and children as their own relatives, and the world will be fine. Aunt Niu nodded. "That's what everyone has to think!"! I have to go back tomorrow, and let Cheng Cai's wife come to see me in the evening. ” When Zhang Qingting returned home in the evening, he first told Zhang Jinbao carefully, "This is the first time you have brought your own silver to go out to work, so you have to be careful about everything.". Don't argue with others on the road, and don't drink alcohol! Be sure to keep your eyes open when you buy things. You'd rather slow down when you settle accounts. Don't make a mistake. What's more, you still accompany Tian and Guo. Don't be too stingy on the way, and don't be too generous. You should do what you should do at ordinary times. Don't show your money and don't call yourself poor. Come back early when you finish your work, do you know? Zhang Jinbao nodded and wrote them down one by one, but also told them, "My brother-in-law has gone, and I have gone out. There is no young man at home, so you have to be careful.". yuanbao, don't be reluctant to give up. Let Xiaobai go to bed at the front door. At least he can call twice if he has something to do. And close the door at night, and don't forget to turn off the fire and lights! My brother-in-law told me again and again when he left. "Don't worry about your father!" Zhang Facai patted his son on the shoulder, "This little eagle always has to learn to fly by itself. Your elder sister is giving you a chance!"! "Don't make trouble for her, and take care of it." Zhang Xiaodie giggled and said, "If you can't do it well, don't come back!" "You can't say that either!" Zhang Qingting said, "If you meet someone who commits robbery, you'd rather lose all your money than hurt your own life!"! The most important thing is to come back safely. Zhang Xiaodie immediately said, "If you say so, elder sister, you also give me a sum of money, let me go out to do a business trip to practice!" "All right!" Zhang Qingting raised his eyebrows and smiled. "If Jinbao comes back, I'll let you go!"! But Jinbao, if you really lose money, the money will have to be deducted from your future dividends! Zhang Jinbao patted his chest and promised, "Don't worry, elder sister, don't say how well it's done, but at least don't smash the pot!"! Xiaodie, if you want to go,warehouse storage racks, wait until you have a boy in your next life! Their brother and sister went to bicker again. Zhang Qingting shook his head and said with a smile, "If you have time, you might as well pack your luggage and rest earlier. Why don't you know that one or two are tired?"? You can do more things tomorrow! The two brothers and sisters laughed and kept silent. Zhang Qingting asked Xiaoyu to accompany him and went to Niu's house together.




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