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"No, no, your sister-in-law is still waiting at home." He found out Zhu Haimei's temper. She didn't want Wang Chunlai to come to the factory again.

I looked at him as if nothing had happened. I sighed and emptied my glass. "It's my own fault." "What are you talking about?" Asked Jolson. Boy, he asked me instead. "It's my own fault," I said immediately. "I thought we were friends." Jolson laughed. "Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn't have asked you to help." For his pretense, I really feel the extreme, the relationship between people, the real honesty is relatively less, more mutual deception. But this kind of deception, which openly treats the other party as an idiot, is really rare. I was too angry to speak, but Jolson was relaxed. "You went to see the jewel thief?" I sighed in my heart and thought, "This man is incurable. Even if I regard him as a friend again, I can't do it.". When I thought about it, I had an idea. "Yes, yes," I said. "I conveyed your words, and he made a counter-request." Jolson's expression was immediately full of alertness: "Request?"? What is he trying to blackmail? "He wants an invitation to the exhibition," I said. Jolson was stunned for a moment, as if he didn't understand me. I repeated it again. I thought he would laugh, but when he heard it clearly, he frowned and considered it very carefully. Passed a little while, he just says: "Is this requirement?" I couldn't help it. "Isn't that ridiculous enough?" He made a gesture for me not to speak. Then he thought for a moment. "Yes, he wants an invitation. I'll give him one." " First I was stunned, then I reached out and patted myself on the forehead. I really couldn't understand what kind of people I was dealing with! Fortunately, I had decided to ignore the matter, so I said indifferently, "Well, that's your business." Jolson looked at me and tried to say something, but without waiting for him to speak,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I said, "Well, I've done that for you. I'm not interested in anything else, including the pearl exhibition. I'll leave early tomorrow morning." Jolson sighed. "Why?" I also learned enough from him and smiled indifferently: "No reason, nothing happened." After hearing my answer, Jolson suddenly became excited and shouted, "It's all right. I know. You blame me for hiding something from you.". Yeah, there's something I haven't told you, so what? Everyone has something they don't want to say to others, can't they? The more he spoke, the more excited he became, like a volcano erupting suddenly. I didn't expect him to suddenly become like this, so I had to stare and listen to him. At this point he paused, and then added, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, "That's entirely my business. No one can help me. I look miserable and out of order."? Yes, I admit it, and I beg you, don't try to help me, because I know my own business, and no one can help me. His last words came out at the top of his voice. I was sure that the two young men, though driven into the room by him, would not be able to sleep. I waited for him to finish and watched him gasp for breath, his face turning from red to blue, and then I sighed, "Everyone gets in trouble.". You don't want my help, and I won't pay any attention to it. But I still want to leave, and I suggest that you resign, because it seems that your mental state is not suitable for important work. Jolson went over and took a swig of wine. "Nothing, I can support you." I couldn't help but say another word. At that time, if I did not even say this sentence, did what I had decided to do, turned around and left, even if any earth-shaking event happened again, it was none of my business. But I just said another word, which is because I like talking too much. I said, "If you promised to send an invitation to the jewel thief, no one would say it was a wise decision." "Where did you go?" Said Jolson immediately? Did you see that man? "I've already said that," I said. "It's funny. This man is an acquaintance of mine. I never knew he was a super jewel thief. I only knew he was.." Jolson answered, "An expert in psychics.". Jolson had known for a long time that Ginter was an expert in soul science! Then why did he say Ginter was a jewel thief? It occurred to me that Ginter's words were so flickering. What on earth were the two of them up to? My curiosity was aroused. I looked at Jolson. "So you knew?" "Yes," said Jolson, "that's what he said when he first came to see me and introduced himself. This man doesn't like to talk very much. Sit down and listen to me about my dealings with him. I never know what his purpose is. Maybe you can help me analyze it. At this time, even if he did not tell me to sit down, I would force him to tell the story of his acquaintance with Ginter. So I sat down and waited for him to say. Jolson thought for a moment. "That afternoon, when I was busy and finished a meeting, the venue was to be arranged absolutely according to the plan. The secretary said that a man wanted to see me, without an appointment, and that it was very important." I shook my head. "You can totally ignore this man." "Of course," said Jolson, "I immediately said I couldn't see it, but the secretary handed me a note." Jolson gave a low sigh and paused for a moment. I don't know what he has to think about. He began by saying in a low voice, "The note was written by another man, introducing Mr. Ginter to me, and telling me that I must see him." I said, "Oh, I see.". You can't refuse the person who wrote this note. "Yes," said Jolson, "so I.." He was eager to go on, but I interrupted him and said, "Wait a minute. You haven't said yet. Who wrote the note to you?" Jolson was a little annoyed. "Don't interrupt. It's not a problem who wrote it. The problem is that if this person wants me to do it, I can't refuse." I could see that Jolson's anger was an old man's anger, and he must be hiding something. But I agree with him that it doesn't matter who wrote the note. Of course,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, when we know who wrote the note, it is extremely important, and it is a matter of the future. stargrace-magnesite.com




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