A good marriage is planted in the field of medicine

Looking at the advanced equipment in front of us, the Golden Knight and the Rose Miracle did not speak, but gently stroked the things we had worked so hard to get.

Du Xiaoyu heard the sound, pushed the door and came out. He saw Tiedan standing outside the door with a smile. The boy had known that he loved to be clean since he went to school. He cleaned himself up and had a bit of a scholar's book breath on his body. Du Xiaoyu smiled and walked down the steps. Why is the iron egg here? Iron egg looks around, did not see the person that wants to see, a little disappointed, "Tuanzi did not come back?" "No." Du Xiaoyu shook his head. "I left in a hurry and forgot to call him." Iron egg lost "oh", then thought of what, eyes shining at Du Xiaoyu, "little fish sister, let's go to the river tonight to eat grilled fish, the village's small partners can still remember the taste of the previous sister grilled fish, heard that you came back, one by one greedy." "Good." Du Xiaoyu nodded. Tiedan was very happy. "When it gets dark, I'll call my sister again." "Mmm." After seeing off the iron eggs, Du Xiaoyu went to the edge of the lotus pond. The fish inside was the fry that she and Ah Fu had bought together in the county town. Now it weighs half a catty. As far as the eye could see, everything in the house seemed to be the same as it had been, and there was still the breath of Ah Fu's life. The red lanterns under the eaves were hung by him personally, and after more than half a year of wind and rain,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, they had begun to fade. The black soil in the flower beds was all carried down by her and Ah Fu from the mountains one by one. The flowers were well raised, but the people who raised them could never go back. Du Xiaoyu sat on the swing frame that Ah Fu had made for her, and his mind unconsciously recalled everything about that person. At first sight, he was injured and could not speak, so he picked up a twig and wrote his name on the ground, telling her that his name was "Ah Fu". Later, Ah Fu became her little sidekick,304 stainless steel wire, accompanied her to work in the fields, accompanied her to collect firewood in the mountains, carried her across the river, crossed the mountains for her, and killed wild boars and snakes. Later, when she wanted to get married, he became her live-in husband. At that time, a simple paste cake can eat the most beautiful taste in the world. He is her brother Ah Fu, her fiance who can't speak. He is honest, loyal and warm-hearted. She never heard him say a word, but she felt the love and care contained in his every gesture. I still remember that when the new house was on the beam, she was so busy that she didn't even have time to drink a cup of water. He found a cup, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, poured hot water, quietly put a sugar in it, and brought it to her to drink. That sweet, from the mouth has been sweet to the heart. Afraid of her hunger, he secretly took a dish of fried meatballs and took her to eat in the bamboo forest behind the new house. That warmth is still unforgettable to her. The words she had said to him were still ringing in our ears as they drove the oxcart to the town to pick up the dumplings. "Brother Ah Fu, how old are you this year?" "I heard my mother and sister-in-law say that when a boy reaches your age, he can almost get married and start a career." "Haven't you ever thought about marrying a gentle and virtuous wife to help you have children and do housework?" "If it's not gentle and virtuous, for example." Like me, would you want it? "Brother Ah Fu, let me be your wife!"! I know you have no money. I don't want your money, and I don't want to go to your house. You just stay at my house and be a live-in son-in-law. Let's make money and live a good life together in the future, OK? "Brother Ah Fu." …… Du Xiaoyu came to his senses and found that his tears had flooded at some point. When she looked up, it was already dark. Stachys cooked in the kitchen and called her, "Girl, it's time to eat." "I won't eat it." Du Xiaoyu shook his head and lost his appetite. "Those boys said they were going to roast fish by the river for a while. You can go with them." Water Su hurriedly nodded, along the way, the girl every day in addition to a daze is a daze, many times she wondered if the girl is not a living dead. It was rare for a girl to be interested in grilling fish. Of course, Stachys was very eager. She turned around and went into the room and put a cloak on Du Xiaoyu. After a while, Tiedan came with his little friends, each carrying a lantern in his hand. As soon as Du Xiaoyu looked at it, he remembered last year's Lantern Festival. It was also here. Each of them held a lantern in his hand and went to the river to put it. When she made a wish, Ah Fu looked at her silently beside her. The smile on her lips was warm and bright. Several people went to the river and worked together. Du Xiaoyu asked Stachys to take charge of the fire and catch the fish himself. Stachys won't let me. "How can a girl catch fish in such a cold day? It's better to be a maidservant. A maidservant is not afraid of the cold." "I'm not afraid of the cold." Du Xiaoyu smiled, rolled up his trouser legs, carried an oil lamp in one hand and a branch in the other. One tie is accurate. The boys looked on and cheered, "Sister Xiaoyu is great!" Du Xiaoyu forked seven or eight fish in succession, and then began to kill the fish and scrape the scales. I haven't done any menial work for a long time. Some of my hands are raw, but I haven't forgotten my roots. The fish are cleaned up and roasted on the shelves. The Stachys has prepared peanut oil, cumin and chili powder. While brushing the oil, they turn it over and roast it, which makes the boys drool. Du Xiaoyu found a haystack and sat down. After distributing the roasted fish to the children, Su Su took the last one and handed it to Du Xiaoyu. The girl hasn't had dinner yet, so let's take a few bites. Du Xiaoyu smiled shallowly, reached for it, and then looked at the sky subconsciously. There was no moon tonight, and it was very dark. The last time I ate grilled fish was on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon in the sky was very bright. The man who caught fish in the river nodded his head to show that he liked her and promised to be the closest person to her. But counting the time on his fingers, it was only a year, and so many irreversible things had happened between them that no one could go back. He became the superior king of Chu, and she was a folk female doctor who should have nothing to do with him. The result of the forced convergence of two parallel lines is that after blending,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, they are farther and farther apart. He could no longer find the shadow of Ah Fu, and she was no longer the small peasant girl who had worked hard to make money to live a good life. They got each other, so they demanded more and more of each other. sxthsteel.com




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