Autobiography of Agatha Christie

Looking at the advanced equipment in front of us, the Golden Knight and the Rose Miracle did not speak, but gently stroked the things we had worked so hard to get.

I immediately set to work on my long-awaited vision of which Archie was indifferent. We had to find a place in the country where Archie could go to work in the city every day and Rosalind could go and play on the garden lawn instead of pushing her to the park or confining her to the green space between apartments. I longed to live in the country and we decided to move as soon as we found a cheap house. I think the main reason why Archie agreed to my plan is that he is addicted to golf. He was recently elected to the Sunnydale Golf Club. Weekend outings by train or hiking together have become tedious. He was preoccupied with golf. He played golf in Sunnydale with various friends and disdained small golf balls. He has no interest in playing with poor players like me. And so, without realizing it, I gradually became one of those people that everybody knows about -- a widow who lost her husband to a golf ball. I don't mind living in the country at all, "said Archie." I think I'm perfectly happy with it, and it's good for Rosalind, of course. Seth likes the country, and I know you do too. Then we have only one choice, and that is Sunnydale. "Sunnydale?" I said with a little dismay, because Sunnydale is not exactly what I call the country. But the cost there is too high. It's a residential area for the rich. "Oh, I wish I could do something." Archie said optimistically. A day or two later, he asked me how I was going to spend the money from the Evening News. "That's a lot of money,brushed stainless steel sheet," I said. "I think.." I admitted that I spoke with reluctance and lack of confidence. "I think I should save it for urgent use." I don't think I need to worry about it now. Working with Baillie, I'll be fine. You, too, can keep working on your writing. "Well,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe," I said, "maybe I'll spend the money-or some of it." A new evening dress. A pair of gold or silver shoes instead of the black ones, and then a luxury such as a delicate bicycle for Rosalind. Archie's voice interrupted my reverie. Why not buy a car? He asked. Buy a car? I looked at him in surprise. I never had the luxury of buying a car. None of my friends I know has a car. In my opinion, cars are still for the rich. They go twenty, thirty, forty, fifty miles an hour, with men in silk masks and hats in their cars, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and they go to nowhere. Car I repeated, my face transfixed. Why not Really? It is sure to be done. I, Agatha, will have a car, a car of my own. Frankly speaking, there are two things that excite me most in my life. One is my own car, the Morris Ray with the big gray nose. The second was lunch with the Queen at Buckingham Palace some forty years later. Both experiences were a bit of a fairy tale. These are things I thought would never happen to me, having my own car, having lunch with the Queen of England. The Autobiography of Agatha Christie Chapter 7 The Territory of Lost Meaning 1 We were looking for a place to live in the country when the bad news about my brother Monty came from Africa. He hasn't had much of a place in our lives since before the war when he planned to run a freighter business on Lake Victoria. My sister is sure Monty will pull it off. He is good at playing with boats. So she gave him the fare back to England. They plan to build a boat in Essex. At that time, the business was in the ascendant. However, the weakness of this plan is that Monty is the captain, and no one is sure whether the ship will be launched on time or whether it will be safe to sail. Monti was very attached to the Batanga, which he named. He wanted to look good. He ordered furniture of ebony and ivory, furnished his captain's cabin with pine walls, and ordered brown refractory porcelain with the words Batanga. All this delayed the departure date. Then the war broke out. The Batanga had no cargo to carry to Africa, but was requisitioned by the government at a low price. Monty was once again enlisted in the Royal African Army. A doctor wrote a letter saying that Monty had been wounded in the arm in the battle. During hospitalization, the wound became infected-the result of careless dressing in the field. The infection has not been cured for a long time, and even recurred again and again after retirement. He hunted for a living, but when he was dying, he was taken to a French nun's hospital. At first he didn't plan to tell his relatives, but he was almost waiting to die — up to six months — hoping to return to his roots. It is also possible that the climate of Britain will continue his life. Arrangements for his return by sea from Mombasa were soon made, and my mother set about preparing them at Ashfield. She imagined a close mother-son relationship, which I was convinced was unrealistic. Mother and Monty have a history of discord. They are too similar in many ways. Both of them have strong personalities. And Monty is a very difficult person to get along with. "Things are different now," the mother said. "Don't forget how sick the poor boy is." With some difficulty, Mother persuaded the two old maids to allow Monty's two African servants to stay. I don't agree, madam-I really don't agree to a black man in our house. Our sisters are not used to it. Mother moved at the sound. She is not a woman who gives up easily. She persuaded them to stay. Her last resort was to make it possible for the two Africans to abandon Islam and convert to Christianity. Both of them are religious. We read the Bible to them. They said with shining eyes. Mother simultaneously vacated three well-appointed houses and a new bathroom. Archie thoughtfully indicated that he would pick up Monty when the ship reached Tilbury Port. He also rented a house in Bayswater so that Monty and the servants could have a place to stay. When Archie went to Tilbury,304 Stainless Steel Bar, I told him: "Ignore his idea of going to the Ritz." "What did you say?" "I said to ignore his idea of going to the Ritz-I'll take care of the house, get the hostess ready, and get everything ready." 。




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