Unparalleled Seven Wonders

Looking at the advanced equipment in front of us, the Golden Knight and the Rose Miracle did not speak, but gently stroked the things we had worked so hard to get.

Purple road turned pale with fright, immediately seal the sword, at the same time! But she forgot that one of her swords was lodged in Ning Wuque's belly. So this sword seal out, simply can not stop the oncoming force of Ning Wuque, just as she came out, suddenly the waist-numbness, people will be limp and unable to move. A cold sword was pressed against her neck! Ning Wuque shouted, "Get rid of them all!" The owner of the "Evil Rain Flag" reacted a little slowly, and a pike still had to greet Ning Wuque. Cold dream cold hum, a foot fly out, "evil rain flag" flag owner stuffy hum, fly far away, bang to the ground, has been unable to get up! Hanmeng said in a cold voice to the flag owner of the "Evil Rain Flag" flying out: "If Purple Road is injured, your one hundred lives are not enough to compensate!" Then she turned to Ning Buque and said, "If you dare to hurt her, I will cut off all your flesh one knife at a time." "Let all your men get out of my way," said Ning Buque coldly! Who dares to move again? I'll cut off one of her hands! Cold dream in the eyes of the color of hate, she squeezed out two words from the teeth: "Get out of the way!" " "But he.." said one of the retributive gods. With a clap, Hanmeng slapped him in the face: "Shut your mouth!" He immediately kept silent like a cicada! Rather than lack of sword against the neck of purple road, and then give her Xin Qing, cold drink way: "hold her to go out!"! If you try anything, I'll kill you! He thought that Hanmeng was so cunning and vicious, and so should this woman, so he was extremely vigilant. Under the threat of the sword, Purple Road naturally only obediently did, she held the feelings of life and death to the outside of the villa. A group of people in Jiuyou Palace followed closely, but did not dare to push too close! "I don't want to see anyone following me," he shouted. Han Meng's expression changed and he stopped the crowd. Ning Wuque finally left the "Empty Sword Villa",304 Stainless Steel Pipe, although he did not see the people of Jiuyou Palace, but he knew that there must be someone following him secretly. From Han Meng's attitude towards this woman, we can see that this woman's position in Jiuyou Palace is very important! ※ ※ ※ After leaving the "Empty Sword Villa", Ning Buque forced Purple Road to rush three or four miles, because he was worried about the safety of Xin Qing, he stopped, pointed like electricity, lit the acupoint of Purple Road, and then put Xin Qing on the ground. Xin Qing's face was as pale as paper and her eyes were closed! Better than to feel her pulse. I can't find it out. Rather than lack of great urgency, busy palms against the heart of the chest, their own Haoran true force into the body of the heart! His skill was indeed very deep, and Xin Qing, who had already stepped into the gate of hell with one foot, laboriously opened his eyes under the urging of his inner strength. When she saw Ning Wuque looking at her with concern, there was a faint smile of relief on her pale face and a blush on her cheeks! Ning Wuque surprised tunnel: "Xin Jie, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, you wake up?" He did not know that this is just a return of light, is the life of Xin Qing in the final burning! Xin Qing raised a hand with difficulty, reached into her arms, groped for a while, and when she took it out and spread it out, it turned out to be a jade pendant, which had been dyed red by her blood! She motioned to Ning Wuque to lower her head, and then, with a trembling hand, hung the jade pendant on Ning Wuque's neck. Ning Wuque saw that she was too weak to hang herself, but she pushed her hand away. She is not easy to finish this matter, Xin Qing looked at purple road, and then weak tunnel: "You." OK You can use her to.. Will. Miss Feng.. Save. Rescued.. Ning Wuque did not expect that she was still thinking about him at this time. Naturally, he could not bear to argue with her meaning and nodded hurriedly. Xin Qing's hand took Ning Wuque's hand, and her face had a very bright and touching smile like the sunset glow. "I …" she whispered. Very. Very happy. Then her beautiful eyes closed slowly, and there were tears on her curved eyelashes! Perhaps, no one can understand her heart, even including rather than lack. When a married man falls in love with another man, no one can read his mind. No matter how Ning does not lack the call, Xin Qing can no longer wake up! Xin Qing is the closest person after Ning Wuque stepped into Jianghu. In the catacombs, they depend on each other. Xin Qing accompanies him out of despair with the tenderness of a mature woman, so it is impossible for Ning Wuque not to be sad. He did not understand why Xin Qing said she was happy, he only noticed the tears in Xin Qing's eyes! "Sister Xin must hate the people in Jiuyou Palace!" Ning Wuque thought so. He gently straightened Xin's messy hair and brushed the dust off her body. Then he whispered: "Sister Xin, one day I will wipe out the demons of Jiuyou Palace and avenge you!" Purple road can't move, she looked at the man who was stabbed in the abdomen by her with some fear, don't understand why he didn't bandage his own wound, also don't know what he will do to himself next, "maybe, he will kill me?" Purple road think this is very possible. It is better not to lack the sword to dig the earth, to force the true strength to congeal in the body of the sword, where the cold light will be waved, and the sand and stones will be flying! Soon a grave was dug, and Ning Buque buried Xin Qing here. He thought to himself, "Sister Xin is tired of living on Silvermoon Island, so let her stay in this vast world. Will she be much more free?" The whole process, he did not look at purple road, so dedicated to do all this, as if between heaven and earth has only him and Xin Qing, and Xin Qing did not die, she just want to sleep. It is better to stand silently in front of the grave. By this time, he was aware that someone was approaching quietly around him, but he pretended not to know. There are three people! Among them, the skill coming from the east side is not weak. ! The man approached this way at an alarming speed. ! The attackers in both directions, north and south, almost at the same time, rushed straight up to Ning Wuque, using a life-saving style of play-only attacking but not defending! And the man on the east side, like a civet cat,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, flashed to Zimo at an amazing speed! It's Xiang! Ning Wuque had seen Ah Xiang, but had never seen Ah Xiang make a move. Unexpectedly, this smiling little girl's skill was really not weak!. sxthsteel.com




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