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It's not that we don't like Niobe and her wrestler's body shape, if we have to get it right. Herbert knew, of course, that the passivity and initiative he liked or disliked in naked and half-naked women were not peculiar to women who were slim and graceful, but not to wom

It's not that we don't like Niobe and her wrestler's body shape, if we have to get it right. Herbert knew, of course, that the passivity and initiative he liked or disliked in naked and half-naked women were not peculiar to women who were slim and graceful, but not to women who were neither slim nor fat nor plump; that there were very gentle girls who could not lie flat, and that women like tar buckets were like inland stagnant water, which did not flow at all. We are deliberately simplifying, reducing the whole question to two, and insulting Niobe on principle, and more and more without mercy. So Herbert picked me up and made me beat the woman's breasts with a drumstick until a ridiculous cloud of sawdust fell from the moth holes, which were still countless because of the anti-moth spray, so that the moth could not stay. We stared into her amber eyes as I knocked. They did not blink or move, nor did they shed tears, let alone tears in their eyes. Nor did she squint her eyes like a threat, revealing hatred. The polished amber eyes, which are more yellowish than reddish, reflect all the furnishings and partially sunlit windows in the exhibition hall, although they are distorted by convex imaging. Amber is a lie,cantilever racking system, who doesn't know it! We also understand the trickery of this wood glue, which is elevated as an ornament. Yet we insist, in the manner of a stiff man, on dividing everything in women into active and passive, and on interpreting Niobe's apparent indifference in this way in our favor. We felt very safe. Chuckling ominously, Herbert hammered a nail into her kneecap. Every time he knocked, I felt a pain in my knee,wire mesh decking, but she didn't even move her eyebrows. We were fooling around for a while in front of this plump green wooden statue. Herbert donned a British Admiral's overcoat, hung a telescope around his neck, and put on an Admiral's cap to match the overcoat. I put on a red waistcoat and a wig that hung down to my shoulders, and I dressed up as the Admiral's little footman. We played the Battle of Trafalgar, bombarded Copenhagen, annihilated Napoleon's fleet at Aboukir, rounded this or that promontory, dressed up as historical figures, and then dressed up as contemporary figures. We played in front of Niobe's eyes, in front of the bow sculpture made according to the figure of a Dutch witch. We decided that she was either okay with this nonsense, or she just turned a blind eye. On October 21, 1805, Nelson's British fleet defeated the French and Spanish fleets. Nelson was killed. (2) Napoleon marched into Egypt in 1789. After the army landed, asrs warehouse ,warehousing storage solutions, the French fleet stayed in the port of Aboukir and was discovered and annihilated by the British fleet led by Nelson from August 1 to 2. Today I know that everything is seen, nothing is not seen in their eyes, even the memory of tapestry is better than people. That is not the beloved, all-seeing God. A kitchen chair, a coat hanger, a half-full ashtray, and a wooden statue of a woman named Niobe can all be witnesses today, remembering our every move at that time. We worked in the Maritime Museum for fourteen days or more. Herbert gave me a drum and brought back two weekly wages for Aunt Truczynski, plus danger pay. The museum is closed on Monday. On Tuesday of the third week, the ticket office refused to sell me a child's ticket and refused me admission. Herbert asked what the reason was. The man at the ticket office was friendly, if sad. He told us that someone had submitted a petition asking that young children not be allowed to enter. The father of the child did not agree. He himself had no objection if I stayed at the box office, but he had no time to look after me because of his official duties and being a widower. But to let me into the exhibition hall, into the "green girl's boudoir", that is not possible, because no one is responsible for me. Herbert was ready to give in, so I pushed him and forced him. So, on the one hand, he said that the conductor had a point, on the other hand, that I was an auspicious person who could bring him good luck, that I was his guardian angel, and that the innocence of children could protect him. After all, Herbert had almost made friends with the conductor and got his permission to take me into the museum, but, as the conductor said, this was the last time. So I took my great friend by the hand, and ascended the richly decorated and constantly repainted circular staircase to the third floor where Niobe stood. The morning passed quietly, and the afternoon was even quieter. With her eyes half closed, she sat in the leather-covered chair with yellow studs. I crouched at her feet. The drum also stayed silent. We looked at the schooner, the three-masted gunboat, the Corvette, the five-masted gunboat, the Spanish galleon, the sloop, the coastal clipper, and the clipper, all suspended from the oak paneling of the ceiling, waiting for the wind to blow. We looked at these models of ships, waiting with them for the breeze to come, and we were afraid of the silence of the green boudoir. We looked at these models of ships, fearing that there was no wind, just to avoid looking at Niobe and not being afraid of her. If only we could hear the moths eating the wood. That proves that the moth is slowly but surely digging into the green wood and eating it out. Then Niobe will decay. However,mobile racking systems, we can't hear the sound of moths eating wood. The conservator of the museum treated the wooden body with insect repellent so that it would never decay. Our only relief, therefore, is to look at the models of the ships and wait for the wind to blow the sails. We need this trick to get rid of the fear of Niobe. We did not look at her and tried to forget her existence. We would have forgotten her if the afternoon sun hadn't just shone on her left eye and made the amber glow. jracking.com




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