The Complete Book of Grave Robbers

It's not that we don't like Niobe and her wrestler's body shape, if we have to get it right. Herbert knew, of course, that the passivity and initiative he liked or disliked in naked and half-naked women were not peculiar to women who were slim and graceful, but not to wom

We made several folds and threw them into the ever-burning lamp, and the whole tomb lit up. I remembered the last monster I saw in Grandpa's notes. It seemed that Grandpa had repeatedly mentioned that when he heard the strange sound of gurgling, his heart was trembling. At that time, Pan Zi actually climbed up to the tripod to see what was inside. Suddenly, he gave a shout of joy, "Third Master, there is a treasure here!" We all climbed up and saw a headless mummy in the tripod, whose clothes were rotten, and some jade jewelry on the dried corpse. Pan Zi was honest and impolite, so he took it off and took it to himself. This should be the torso of the people left after the sacrifice. They cut off their heads to sacrifice to heaven, and then put their bodies here to sacrifice to people. These should be prisoners of war. Slaves can't have jewelry on their hands. Pan Zi jumped into the tripod and wanted to see what else was below. The stuffy oil bottle couldn't stop him. He looked back at the stone coffin. Fortunately, there was no response. The third uncle cursed: "You boy, this tripod is used for offering sacrifices. Do you want to be a sacrifice?" Pan Zi laughed and said, "Third Master, I'm not Da Kui. Don't scare me." He took out a big jade vase from it. "You see, there are a lot of good things. Let's turn this tripod around and see what else is there." "Stop fooling around and come out!" The third uncle said that he saw that the face of the stuffy oil bottle had turned white, and his eyes were fixed on the sarcophagus, knowing that something might have happened. At this time,warehouse pallet racks, I heard the sound of "cluck". When I turned my head, I felt a chill. The sound was not coming from the coffin, but from the stuffy oil bottle. Seven Star King of Lu Chapter 10 Shadow At first I thought he was trying to frighten me, but from his expression and his personality, he didn't look like that kind of person. The stuffy oil bottle kept making a "cluck" sound, and did not see his mouth move,push back racking system, the four of us looked at him, that cold ah, the heart said not, is the stuffy oil bottle actually an infernal affairs dumpling? The third uncle saw that his expression was so horrible that he pulled Pan Zi out. Suddenly, the stuffy oil bottle was silent. There was no sound in the tomb. I don't know how long it took. I was a little impatient. Just as I wanted to ask him what was going on, the coffin board suddenly turned up and began to shake violently. Then out of the stone coffin came a grim and chilling sound, which was very similar to that described in my grandfather's notes. It really seemed to be the sound of frogs. Seeing this, Dakui sat down on the ground in fright. My feet were so weak that I almost sat down. After all, my third uncle had seen the world. Although his feet began to shake, he didn't fall down. When the stuffy oil bottle heard the sound, his face was so ugly that he fell to his knees and hit the coffin heavily. As soon as we saw each other, we immediately imitated and all knelt down and kowtowed. The stuffy oil bottle raised its head and made a continuous strange sound, as if it were reciting some incantation. The third uncle broke out in a cold sweat and said softly, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty metal racks, "He's not talking to it, is he?" The sarcophagus finally stabilized and stopped shaking. The stuffy oil bottle kowtowed again, then stood up and said to us, "We must leave here before dawn." The third uncle wiped his sweat and asked, "Little brother, how dare you bargain with Grandpa Zongzi just now?" The stuffy oil bottle made a gesture of not asking: "Don't touch anything here. The Lord in the coffin is very powerful. If this is released, the immortal Da Luo can't get out." Pan Zi was still ungrateful and asked with a smile, "I said this little brother, what about the foreign language you just said?" The stuffy oil bottle also ignored him, pointed to the passage behind the coffin and said, "Go gently, don't touch the coffin!" The third uncle collected himself. To tell the truth, there was such a man beside us. We were much bolder, so we cleaned up. The third uncle took the lead, and the stuffy oil bottle was at the end. We turned on the miner's lamp and went straight down to the tunnel behind the coffin. When Da Kui walked past the coffin, his back was pressed against the wall, and he kept a distance. He looked very funny, but I had no interest in laughing at him at this time. The tomb passage is inclined downward. There are inscriptions on both sides of the tomb passage. There are also some stone carvings. I looked at them, but I didn't understand what they meant. In fact, I do rubbings and antique business, these still have some research, I can understand a few words. But I can say that even if I could read all these words, it would be very difficult to understand the meaning because there is no punctuation at all. The ancients spoke very succinctly and skillfully. For example, one said, "Ran." I remember a king of Qi asked his strategist a question. The strategist nodded and smiled and said, "Ran.". The king went back and pondered for a long time, thinking about whether he agreed or opposed. As a result, he became ill from overwork. When he was dying, he told the strategist the answer he had considered. He asked the strategist if that was what he meant at that time. The military laughed and said, "Ran.". The emperor died immediately. The third uncle walked very carefully. Every step took a long time. The penetration of the miner's lamp was not very strong. The front was black lacquerware, and the back was black lacquerware. It felt the same as when we were in the water hole. I felt very uncomfortable. After walking for about half an hour, the tunnel began to go up. We knew that we should have finished half of the walk. At this time, we saw a robbery hole. The third uncle is not surprised, he is most afraid of others first Deng, busy over to check. The robbery hole must have been dug well not long ago. Even the soil was relatively new. I asked my third uncle, "The old man said that a gang of people entered the valley two weeks ago. Could it be that they dug it?" "I don't see it, but the hole was dug in a hurry. It didn't look like it was made to get in, it looked like it was made to get out!"! I'm afraid we've really been preempted. "Don't be discouraged, Third Master. If they had fallen well, they would have gone the same way. It seems that something must have happened.". I think the baby should be here anyway. Pan Zi comforted him. Third uncle nodded,heavy duty cantilever racks, then we continue to walk, since someone for us through the thunder, we do not need to be so fussy.




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