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It's not that we don't like Niobe and her wrestler's body shape, if we have to get it right. Herbert knew, of course, that the passivity and initiative he liked or disliked in naked and half-naked women were not peculiar to women who were slim and graceful, but not to wom

Su Shuhua's smile always flashed by, and her expression began to be dignified. "Eleven years ago, one day Jing and I received a mysterious letter saying that your parents were killed. When we rushed over, we saw your mother lying on your father, and you just knelt aside without a trace of expression.". At that time, your father was out of breath. She probed Yao Guo'er's expression and went on to say, "He died miserably, with numerous scars on his body.". And your mother, "she paused again," must have been humiliated. " Yao Guoer heart slightly tremble, Mo Yiluo is experienced these? "Do you still want to listen?" Su Shuhua has been observing her expression, see her thinking, and ask again. Yao Guoer looked at her, still nodding. 44. Fighting in disorder "We had planned to bring you and your mother back to the villa to heal, but your mother refused, and finally only agreed to settle down in a hut at the foot of the mountain, but let us bring you back.". At that time, you were also injured all over, and the injury was serious. I had no choice but to take you back to the village to cure you. Your mother held your father's urn in her arms every day, and when she saw that you were basically getting better, she disappeared with your father. Su Shuhua was a little absent-minded. "Brother Jing desperately looked for your mother. When we found her in the back hill, it was already three days later. She was just holding your father's urn peacefully, almost without breath.". Brother Jing brought her back and asked me to save her, but I couldn't save her life. She looked at Yao Guo'er again. "Do you hate me,industrial racking systems, too?"? Brother Jing is right. I can save your mother, but I let her die in front of me after all, and I never told you about it. Yao Guo'er looked carefully at the person in front of her, not knowing why she understood the feelings of Yao Duo'er, her nominal mother, at that time. That woman, after learning that her daughter was safe and had been entrusted, just wanted to sleep with the person she loved. Yao Guoer pushed aside the bangs blown by the wind in front of his forehead. "As long as my mother appreciates you, I have no excuse to blame you.". Didn't the teacher's wife explain to the master? Nangong Zijing is also afraid to blame her for this. Su Shuhua looked deeply at Yao Guoer,warehouse storage racks, for a long time, then gently closed his eyes, and slowly opened, "he for your mother's death, overnight, white temples.". He told me that even if your mother died, he couldn't fall in love with me. There was a touch of sadness on her lips. "Not long after your father and mother's funeral, he took you to close the door. I went to find him, but he refused to see me. I left, and he never looked for me." "But doesn't the teacher's wife miss Nangongyi?" Can't forget Nangongyi's eager expression after hearing her mother's news, that person, must be deeply in love with his mother, has been eager to meet it. I'm sorry for him. Su Shuhua lowered her eyes and hid her son's guilt in her heart. She continued, "For so many years, Brother Jing has been trying to find out the murderer of your parents. I also hope to help him achieve his wish. But these years, I have been walking all over Jianghu, but I haven't found any clues. It seems that the person who killed your parents just appeared out of thin air." "And yesterday-" Su Shuhua looked at her seriously, shuttle rack system ,drive in racking system, changed the entry point, "these years although you often get into trouble, but also know the sense of propriety, but I have been puzzled, why you will frequently provoke the upper cloud villa, until the serious injury." “……” "You seem to have forgotten, too." Su Shuhua expression is more dignified, "after these murders, Jing elder brother has been sent to investigate, but always have no clue, until yesterday, suddenly all the spearhead is directed at the cloud villa, someone said to see the woman in red is disappeared near the cloud villa, and someone will be Ximen's unique hidden weapon, said to be found at the scene of the murder.". Including Beitang Jinghao came last night, the conclusion is the same. But it was so strange, as if. She paused, "as if someone had deliberately directed our attention there." Feng Yuxin, Yao Guoer only has these three words in his mind. Nangongyi now has mixed feelings in his heart, his mind is full of things, Yan Chu sealed his acupoint, Mo Yiluo followed Yan Chu, Niang came back, Beitang Jinghao took the betrothal gift to Zixiang Villa, those murders suddenly have a clue. Niang is still the impression of so cold, when young, in addition to teaching him a lot of pharmacological knowledge, Niang almost did not express closeness to him. Mother doesn't like him. She only likes father. Niang can say to Mo Yiluo that we have a private chat, but she has not spoken to him since she came back. Self-deprecating raised his lips, at least, Mo Yiluo came back, but he came back hand in hand with Yan Chu, hum, these two people are really concubines! So, when Yan Chu left, he followed without even thinking. Only "What are you doing up here?" The man followed and looked uncomfortable. But the person who really wants to follow is far ahead. The gap in kungfu is really uncomfortable. Beitang Jinghao did not hear, congealed a face, did not stop the pace. I didn't expect so many things to happen when I let Mo Yiluo leave. Things were ready to come to propose marriage, but the story of Moyiluo's killing quickly spread all over Wulin, and many sects clamored to uphold justice for Wulin. He could only put the plan on hold and stop to deal with it. But in the past month, the extermination of the family one after another, can only unite Zixiang Villa Luanfeng Tower and some small sects who obey the orders of Luoying Villa, temporarily suppress the matter down. But the matter is far from over, the call for the execution of the witch is getting louder and louder, and the victims have gradually solidified into a force, coupled with some forces that originally wanted to replace the status of the three mountain villas-the world was still peaceful when the mountain villas met, and now the whole martial arts world seems to be stormy overnight. Apart from his own responsibilities, all he cares about now is. It's just Mo Yiluo. But she, actually allows that person to hold her hand, that person is the reason why she does not want to marry him? Yan Chu's speed is very fast, two people can only reluctantly follow far behind, is about to lose face, Yan Chu suddenly turned around,Teardrop Pallet Racking, head-on to the two of them. As soon as Nangong Yifeng's eyes narrowed, Mihan shook hands in an instant, and it was already a sword. jracking.com




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