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It's not that we don't like Niobe and her wrestler's body shape, if we have to get it right. Herbert knew, of course, that the passivity and initiative he liked or disliked in naked and half-naked women were not peculiar to women who were slim and graceful, but not to wom

“Papa! Nous prenons un coup d'?il au cinéma ,Mary et Max——” “Papa! Max le nez——” These two little wax gourds! As soon as they saw their father, who was like a bullet, rushed to hold him and chattered, or in French, I pouted dejectedly and hugged Papa's waist. "These little Frenchmen are bullying me." "It's no use!" He doted on my forehead and kissed me heavily. "Look at the bullying of my precious wife." I raised my chin and rubbed it against him, more Effemination than his daughters. "Well, we finally got the three little women in our family. Open the way!"! Drag it home again! He carried one on his shoulder, hung one in his arms, and pulled one in the corner of his clothes. Hehe, Feng Yunuo always said that our three sons were the luggage of his life. It was quite similar. Wherever he went, he dragged them home. 114 Later, some media commented on Feng Jieyi and Miaomiao, "This pair of celebrities'high-grade classics interpret what is called'no madness, no fashion '." I just want to say that the "high taste" of this pair of children is absolutely watered out from the "extreme favor" of childhood! Such a family background, such a way of spoiling. This is indeed the first time they have returned to Beijing since they were born, but after all, they have come back to celebrate their grandfather's birthday, but apparently everyone regards them as the protagonists. Their aunt gave them a pair of children's plush slippers from Dior. Their uncle gave them a pair of mid-early 20th century teddy bears from a famous German family, Steiff. Their brother-in-law had given them a pair of sterling silver Tiffany rattles, Their grandparents specially decorated bedrooms and even toy rooms for them on the second floor of their home. Of course, what made them most happy was their "omnipotent" "Papa". Feng Yunuo brought them two pet cats. These two little guys, whom they called Nicholas and Nathan, had a lot of background. They belonged to the extremely precious European cat breed. They looked like two little leopards. After the two little girls returned to Beijing, they almost rubbed together with them every day. Are these Yui and Miaomiao? What two beautiful girls! "What is your zodiac sign?" "Cow." "Your grandfather said you could recite the Annals of Yixian County.". Years old Would you like to recite the lyrics of'Spring Cow 'to Grandpa? "One whip says that the weather is good, two whips say that the country is prosperous and the people are peaceful,mobile racking systems, and three whips say long live the Son of Heaven in spring." On one side of his back, he waved his little hand with great momentum, and he was very perky. " Miaomiao, do you like cows? "Like it." "Why?" "Because Grandpa said that cattle'live without seeking comfort and wealth, and die without leaving skin, flesh and blood '." The little girl's voice was clear to the bottom. When Miaomiao answered like this, I opened my eyes wide. Did she understand the meaning of this sentence? Miaomiao sat on her grandfather's body and smiled quietly, and then looked at her grandfather holding her in his arms, which could not be concealed. Today, we brought Yui and Miaomiao to 721 Hospital to accompany the old man for a routine physical examination. When we met some of their grandfather's old comrades-in-arms, we all teased the two little girls. I put down a heart, these two little French girls have not lost face, although occasionally a few words of habitual French, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Chinese style is still quite upright. Yu Nuo, here we come. "Well, Uncle Tao is good." "Is this and three?" An old man in a white coat and military uniform met us in the corridor and greeted us. I didn't know him, but I smiled generously and nodded to him. "Yes.". Saner, this is Uncle Tao, who is my father's responsible doctor. "Hello, Uncle Tao," I said quickly. "Hello, hello, you just came back from France, did you bring back Yui Miaomiao?" "Yes, they are inside now." "Oh, that's good, that's good. The chief always talks about his two granddaughters. Now that he's here today, you can also have a physical examination by the way. You haven't been here for a few years." "Thank you, Uncle Tao, for your concern. Our company also has a routine inspection every year, but today, Saner, you come to check it." He hugged me like a treasure and winked at me like "it's a pity if you don't take advantage of it." I knew he wanted to make trouble for me. Angrily, he turned his elbow in his arms, and he hugged me tightly. "It's really not a joke, it's really not a joke, check it, check it." He really dragged me to a serious physical examination. But this inspection does not matter, unexpectedly check out! ———— Feng Yunuo is stupid! He is really stupid! This elegant and delicate demon in our family almost fell out with me in his arms! Yes, I will always remember Comrade Feng Yunuo's expression when the doctor said the four words "You are pregnant"-hehe, it is worth my life. Indeed, the most troublesome child in our family in the future was quietly "living" in my stomach at this time. The child I later named "Feng Han" did not touch any meaning of his name at all. Oh, except for this period of time in my stomach, from the discovery of him to his birth, he had been quiet and docile, more like an angel than his two sisters. It's a long story. (I want to say, don't feel strange, Feng Yu Nuo and He San will definitely have a child, but I didn't write out the "process of making a baby" specifically because of "harmony". In the future, I will have the opportunity to present it in Fanwai. Also, Feng Han, this is a child who "only exists in heaven, but is afraid to exist in the world". In addition, I reiterate that this is an article of YY to the extreme, full of flashy luxury. Please forgive me if I feel uncomfortable.) 115 Ruizhi Road is in the alley next to the Imperial College,shuttle rack system, adjacent to many houses. The bungalows near the road have been converted by many outsiders into restaurants and bars with national tastes, which will be lively when the lights are on. Rui's way was far away from them, hiding in the alley behind the temple.




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