Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine

Yizhen smiled. "Anyway, I know you don't have a bad heart.". "That's all right. If you have something to say, you don't have to tell me in detail."

Mu Qianyue's face was pale, her breath was slightly panting, the blood in her chest was churning, her fingers under her sleeves were clenched, and she swallowed the fishy sweetness that surged up her throat. Who gave you permission to hurt her? As soon as King Wuya's face changed, he rushed forward and kicked Tu to the side. As soon as he moved, he swept to Mu Qianyue's side. "Yueyue, how are you?"? Is there anything wrong? Mu Qianyue avoided his outstretched hand. "King Wuya, you don't have to be hypocritical.". I can't like you, and I can't be your queen! As soon as the fingers under the sleeves were turned over and the sleeves were raised, a breeze blew through, and the boundless king's face was stunned for a moment, while the Tu beside him and all the magic guards were already looking dull. Mu Qianyue's footsteps moved in a hurry, and the Phantom's footwork unfolded, cooperating with the stealth attack, several flashes and falls, the figure flickered in the air, and disappeared in the sky in a twinkling. Whew! Finally came to Fulongling! Up ahead is the exit! Mu Qianyue breathed a sigh of relief and finally went back. She must go back before Jing found out, otherwise the guy would definitely come to the demon world. How did the exit disappear? I came from this way before. Mu Qianyue frowned and his face became dignified. As soon as his mind moved, he summoned the ice flame from the space of the Tower of Babel and asked, "Ice flame, why is the exit missing?" Master, you just locked me in Babel space and I can't communicate with you. The passage from the Demon World to the Wild Ancient World will change, but only once every other month,tin beneficiation plant, but now it's only half a month! "The ice flame congeals the confused way." Because I moved the position of the exit. Suddenly the sky sounded the cold and mellow voice of the boundless king, with a touch of irresistible domineering and majesty. Hearing this, Mu Qianyue's expression changed. Looking up, he saw a stream of light sweeping rapidly from the sky. In a moment, it was King Wuya. Yueyue, you can't escape from my hand, so don't try to leave here, because it's useless. The boundless king fell on the opposite side of the shallow moon, not far away. Under the dim moonlight,coltan ore processing, his handsome and cold face was filled with a touch of coldness and determination. Chapter 858 imprisonment [2]. The words fell, only to see the shape of King Wuya suddenly disappeared from the original place, when he reappeared, he had already arrived in front of Mu Qianyue. Long, broad and cold palm tightly held her hand, deep eyes surging with firmness and persistence, "Yueyue, it's very late, we're going back to Yao Pavilion now.". In the demon world, it's not safe to be late. yuan Li came from the palm of his hand, Mu Qianyue immediately felt his true yuan Li disappeared, not from the heart frightened, hurriedly in the heart of the operation of the Jiulong devouring soul formula, but found that those true yuan Li like a stone sank into the sea, simply can not find a trace. Month, you do not have to check, your strength has been sealed by me, Carbon in Pulp ,small gold wash plant, without me, you can not untie. Wu Ya stopped and looked back at Mu Shallow Moon. In the dark night, his white lips raised a pleasant arc. You traitor, dare to betray the master, I have long seen you unhappy, now just let me end you! Tu looked at the ice flame, rubbing his hands, his face showing a ferocious intention to kill. Bing Yan's face changed, but he did not open his mouth to beg for mercy, nor did he let Mu Qianyue plead for himself. Even if he died, he could not embarrass his master. Now his master's situation is very dangerous. Unfortunately, he failed to help his master escape from here. There's no need to catch him. He's still the first demon in our endless country. When Mu Qianyue was ready to open his mouth, King Wuya suddenly said. He looked down at Mu Qianyue, with a soft light in his eyes. "Yueyue, I know what you're thinking. You can rest assured that I won't hurt your pet animal, your friend.". What happened tonight was my fault. I shouldn't have been so fierce to you and your friends. I promise, I won't be like this again. Mu Qianyue sighed, glanced at him lightly, and then did not speak again. His obsession is so deep that it doesn't make sense to talk to him. It's better to follow his wishes than to do so. Did he really think that if he sealed his true power, she would have no strength? In addition to the true power in her body, there is another power, that is, the power of the stars! The power of the stars is equally powerful, while the endless king does not know that she has the power of the stars in her body, first endure it, and then find a chance to escape. Back in the Yao Pavilion again, everything was as usual, but there were twice as many magic guards at the exits of the Yao Pavilion and the Magic Palace. Yueyue, don't hate me, don't blame me, I just want to keep you around. When we get along for a while and you fall in love with me completely, I will remove these magic guards. Said King Wuya. Everything is up to you. Do you think it's necessary to ask me? Mu Qianyue glared at him coldly and pulled him out of the room, "I'm going to sleep." After dropping five words, he closed the door heavily with a bang. "King Wuya met with a rebuff. His face flickered on and off." Master, you really spoil this woman too much, and let her be lawless. Let her go down and teach her a good lesson. Tu Nu said, I really don't understand the master, if you like her, just sleep with her, don't you? Why be so coy? Force is the best way to solve everything. Tu, I know what you're thinking, but you don't understand love. I want not only her body, but also her heart, I hope she can have my place in her heart, can always think of me, love me.. Just like before, they look at flowers together, play together, drink together, enjoy the moon together.. It's a pity that those years that can't go back are gone. Boundless voice with a strong sense of loneliness and emotion, for a long time, he sighed lightly, turned away. Although his voice was very light,Portable gold trommel, it was still through the door of the house that it reached the ears of Mu Qianyue. Beautiful eyebrows like Qingdai could not help frowning gently. When she was in the temple, didn't the Lord say that she was Qingnu? Qing Nu and Yan Di were a couple ten thousand years ago, so what happened to this King of the End of the Earth? Why did the scene of being with King Wuya sometimes float in her mind? How strange it is!.





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