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Yizhen smiled. "Anyway, I know you don't have a bad heart.". "That's all right. If you have something to say, you don't have to tell me in detail."

Summer night is cool as water, Mia likes to enjoy the cool outside, feeling different from the heat of the day, walking at night, let her unconsciously go away, come to the vicinity of the drag racing yard. Suddenly there was an exclamation of surprise. "Luo Zhensheng, you." What are you going to do? "I won't let you go unless you promise to associate with me!" The boy took the girl's hand and moved to the parking place. How could you be such a rascal! The girl tried her best to get out of bondage. Qiu Ting, I really like you and I must get you. He has no intention of letting go. Luo Zhensheng, let go of Qiu Ting! Mia happened to pass by and saw such a critical situation, and it was impossible for her not to stop it. Qiu Ting recognized Mia's figure and asked for help, "Sister Mia, help me!" "Sister Mia, I have no malice towards her." Luo Zhensheng said this at the same time, but the hand does not have the same goodwill, or tightly grasp Qiu Ting. Then let her go! Mia stared at his hand, gently exhorting. I just want her to say yes to me. He defended his actions. If she doesn't want to, you shouldn't use this kind of coercion to force her to submit. Mia continued to persuade. But if I don't do this, she can't agree to my pursuit! Luo Zhensheng thought he was right. Then you should review yourself and why you let Qiu Ting reject you so much. Her words are very reasonable, but the big boy still seems to be ungrateful, or decided to go his own way, two people closer to the parking place. Let go of me, I won't go with you! Qiu Ting felt afraid, worried that once she was taken away, the end might be very sad, she looked at Mia for help. Luo Zhensheng, let go of Qiu Ting,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, you will frighten her by doing so. Mia tried to continue to persuade him. I just want to prove that I really love her. If Sister Mia is worried, come with me. He has a completely non-negotiable posture. Where are you taking her? What are you going to do? It seems hard to dissuade him from taking people away. "I haven't thought of it yet, but I must persuade her to let me chase her." Luo Zhensheng continued to pull Qiu Ting all over the car. You have to take her?! Mia, hurry up. That's right He spoke with absolute certainty. All right, I'll go with you. She must not leave the helpless Qiu Ting, must closely follow two people can not, perhaps can prevent the regret to happen. However, when Mia got into the car, he found that his behavior was no different from kidnapping. In order to prevent Qiuting from jumping out of the car, he knocked her unconscious with a handkerchief soaked in some kind of medicine, and then tied her hands and feet. It's not right for you to do so. Her stern reminder. Sister Mia, I'm sorry to offend you temporarily. He took out another bundle of rope. For fear of her good intentions to save Qiu Ting, Mia's hands were temporarily tied up. This is simply beyond her expectation, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, this big boy, really will not hurt Qiu Ting and her? The car turned around on the dark mountain road and crawled straight up the hill. Mia, who was shaken to and fro and got carsick for the first time, felt more and more that the treatment they would receive next would not be too good. After a long time, the car finally stopped, they were taken into an empty room, already woke up Qiuting crying struggle, or let Luo Zhensheng while gently coaxing while tied to the back of the chair. Mia was also tied to another chair, and she actually wanted to open her mouth again to persuade Luo Zhensheng, but the ride made her so dizzy that she could hardly speak. Perhaps tired of crying, Qiu Ting finally fell asleep against the back of her chair, while Mia saw Luo Zhensheng huddling against another reclining chair before her mind was blurred. Perhaps, sleep, after dawn, we will be more sober, but also better to discuss it! She thought. The summer day was bright early, and Keqi Feng got up early in the morning to exercise. When he went back to his room to freshen up, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Mia's door wide open. He was puzzled and curious that his little sister, who always liked to stay in bed, also had the impulse to get up early. Finding no one in the room, the bed was neat, as if it had not been touched all night, he began to guess where his sister would go, and he did not return home at night, which was too much like her style. Most of the day passed, her red car is still in the garage, but this is not unusual, recently she seems to take someone else's car, until a phone call from Wang Jing, let him realize that something is wrong. Are you sure Mia didn't go to work or ask for leave? "Ke Qifeng reconfirmed after receiving the phone call from his subordinates." Are you sure she's really not at home, and no one knows where she's gone? Wang Jing also made a final confirmation to him: "The car didn't go out, so the bodyguards didn't follow." Ke Qifeng was a little annoyed. "The mobile phone is also lying in the room." That's the most puzzling thing. Will something happen to her? Wang Jing is very worried. I will find her in the shortest possible time. He would never allow anyone to hurt his precious sister. Hang up the phone. He rang the bell to assemble all the men in the house. Try to find out where the young lady is! Under this command, almost all the troops of the Tianhai Alliance went out. In the absence of any clues to find clues, this is not an easy task, fortunately, we all have a spectrum in mind, should not be separated from the relationship with the drag racers. Sure enough, news came back at noon that Mia had been seen in Luo Zhensheng's car, and before the evening came, the place where she was imprisoned was found smoothly. Young master, shall we call the police? The big man in black who reported the news also made suggestions. Not yet. If Mia got on the bus voluntarily, there must be something else. She definitely doesn't want us to call the police to arrest the big boy. Ke Qifeng knows her little sister's personality very well,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, and she doesn't want to hurt anyone else. How many men shall we send to rescue the young lady? The big fellow continued to ask for instructions. Just bring one more person. I'm going to bring Mia back myself. On a hot summer day, the doors and windows of the cabin isolated on the mountain were closed, the room was so hot that people sweated and their mouths were dry. Mia tried to drink the mineral water that Luo Zhensheng hung around her neck.





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