Snow Killing Machine _ Keigo Higashino

Yizhen smiled. "Anyway, I know you don't have a bad heart.". "That's all right. If you have something to say, you don't have to tell me in detail."

"Nothing, just what it says." Tansuo Yoshio's voice seemed to tremble with fear. "According to the setting of the mystery drama, the murder weapon was discarded in the garbage can in the house of Yuri River.". So what happened to the blood-stained vase? We sat in a circle in the lounge again, but the atmosphere was heavier than before. The correct description of what is written on the note is as follows: "The note was regarded as a blunt object (a vase in the bathroom)." No wonder Tian Suo is hysterical. If this note is treated as a murder weapon, what does the real vase found by Bento represent? And how to explain the blood stains on it? "This situation may not be fair," seems to have suppressed the excitement of the mood? The voice of Tian's throat was blocked and he began to say, "Can't you ask the person who plays the role of the murderer to explain about the murder weapon?"? Frankly speaking, I'm not in the mood to act if I go on like this. "Do you mean to ask the murderer to show himself?" Ben Duoxiong-a disapproving expression, "impossible." "The murderer doesn't have to say it!"! I have my own ideas. "What do you say?" Tian Suo picked up a few pieces of memo paper from the telephone rack: "Give this to everyone. The person who plays the role of the murderer can do it at any time. Just write a description of the murder weapon and put it in a place where everyone can see it." "Well, I thought it was a good idea!" Said Bento, turning his face mockingly. But is it the most reliable to ask the person who plays the role of the murderer? We can rest assured if we know the whole story, and the killer doesn't have to reveal his identity. "No, I don't think this method is feasible." Kyosuke Yumiya said, "In this way, the note may become a hint to reveal the identity of the murderer, which is not a real puzzle reasoning, and Mr. Togo's deliberate arrangement of such an experiment will be meaningless." "What should I do?"? Just put it away like this? Tian Suo Yi Xiong said unwillingly. You are really a little strange! Bento said unbearably, "Things have come to this,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and there is no drama to talk about." "What do you mean?" Nakanishi Takako asked. I never felt right about this strange game in the first place. Is this really a rehearsal for a play? Maybe not at all. Then what do you say this is? Why did Mr. Togo gather us here on purpose? The tone of the rain palace turned sharp. If it's just a simple rehearsal, Rain Palace, can you explain the vase? Bento is almost ready to quarrel. Faced with this inexplicable state of affairs, I also want to find a partner to vent. It's because you can't explain that you're so upset, isn't it? Rain Palace stared back at Bento. "You say, if it's not a rehearsal play, what is it?"? Can you explain? Immediately,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Bento looked around the crowd, stood up, and walked back and forth nearby. Soon, he looked down at everyone. "Of course I can, and I can explain.". You should all notice it, too. You're just afraid to say it. For a long time, how about you? Didn't you notice anything suspicious? Suddenly I was named, and I was in a mess. I pursed my mouth tightly and turned my head. Of course I know what Bento is trying to say! "Just let me say it." His Adam's apple moved, probably swallowing saliva! That is to say, this killing drama is not a drama, although it is regarded as a drama, in fact, the whole thing is really happening. If this is the inference, Theobromine Powder ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, everything can be explained. The murderer originally wanted to throw the real vase in the garbage can, but because it was stained with blood, he had to throw the vase in the backyard of the villa and leave a note in the garbage can. That is to say, Wen Zi and Yu Li Jiang have really been killed. "Wordy!" Tian Suo Yi Xiong suddenly shouted. I looked at his face in surprise. He was bloodless, his lips were white, and he trembled. Shut up! Don't talk nonsense. "I'll shut up, because I've said what I want to say." Ben Duoxiong sat down cross-legged. "If there is any other explanation besides this, please say it!" "Stop yelling at each other." Takako clutched her chest with both hands and screamed, "There must be something wrong with this, absolutely." There can't be such a terrible thing. I think so, too. "Rain Palace said," just because of some negligence, there is something wrong with the murder weapon, there is no need to take it to heart. "You are very calm," Tian Suo Yoshio slowly raised his face and stared at the rain palace, "because people who know the truth are more calm?" "No." "Liar!"! You should know. Tian Suo stretched out his arm and grabbed Yu Gong's knee. "Say it quickly. You Li Jiang is safe and sound, right?"? She wasn't really killed, was she? Maybe he was mentally deranged and didn't know what he was talking about. Since he believed that Yugong was the murderer, he should ask, "You didn't kill her, did you?" Calm down. I'm not the murderer. Kyosuke Yumiya brushed Kaida's hand. Tian Suo seemed to lose his center of gravity, hit his elbow on the floor, and immediately beat the floor with his fist as if to vent his anger. Seeing this, I thought to myself, this kind of acting is not very good, if I were you, I would only punch up, then my arm is hard, and my teeth are clenched, which is enough to show my inner chagrin. What on earth was I thinking? I've been thinking about some boring things since just now. This is not acting, but the real world, you Li Jiang may have died, not necessarily, the situation is very serious. However, it has been difficult to rise to a sense of reality. Although I can understand and generally understand the situation, the gears of the brain are not closely engaged, and I feel that they have been idling. Anyway, let's analyze it calmly! Said, the rain palace himself also tried to calm down like a deep breath, "at present, it is only the weapon of this prop on the contradiction.". Although Bento said that there might have been a real killing, but no body was found,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, it would be too hasty to draw such a conclusion immediately. "But is there any other explanation?" Maybe it's emotional? Bento's voice was so loud that it almost echoed throughout the villa. However, if the actual killing is not easy, how to dispose of the body? "Probably smuggled out somewhere else!" "Don't give me an ambiguous explanation. Where do you think you can get rid of the body?" 。





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