Laugh at the clouds and play with the wind

Yizhen smiled. "Anyway, I know you don't have a bad heart.". "That's all right. If you have something to say, you don't have to tell me in detail."

Article Type: Original-Romance-Modern-Online Game Novel Style: Drama Protagonist: Dong Xiao (Feng Xiaoxiao), Zhuo Yun (Qingtian Yunxiao) Supporting Role: Qian Long (Qianlong), Qingtian Yixiao, Qingtian Changxiao, Qingtian Smile, Tian Lingling, Di Lingling, You Ziyu, Yu Xiaoxiao, Lin Xiaomo (Zimo Red Dust) Others: Online Game [Text] Thunderbolt in June 01 As soon as Feng Xiaoxiao landed on the online game Feixian OL, he appeared on Beimen Street, the busiest street in Junyang City, with a shop named Xiaoxiao Groceries behind him. This shop is the greatest effort in Feng Xiaoxiao's game. Every time Feng Xiaoxiao goes online, the first thing he does is to check the business situation of the shop, and then make due adjustments. But today's wind Xiaoxiao online after the first thing is to open the'Qianlong 'image and then send a message in the past, it seems a little anxious and impatient. Feng Xiaoxiao: Why don't I answer your cell phone? Is it broken? Are you in the dormitory? Player Qian Long is the husband in the game of Feng Xiaoxiao, and in reality, he is Qian Long, Dong Xiao's boyfriend for five years. It is precisely because of Qian Long's coercion and temptation that Dong Xiao stepped into the abyss of the game. As soon as he entered the online game, it was as deep as the sea. Unconsciously, it had been a year and a half. The other side hesitated for tens of seconds before replying to the message: Xiaoxiao,D BHB Factory, let's divorce. Divorce? Is there any new couple activity? In the last semester of sophomore year, a couple's activity was held in the game, saying that it was a luxurious prize for the person who got married that day. As a result, they divorced in order to get the prize, and then remarried on that day. A divorce is a divorce. I'm sorry. Wind Xiaoxiao just sees this astonishing message clearly, immediately a system message jumped into the line of sight. Player Qianlong has forced you to divorce. Mandatory? Divorce? Feng Xiaoxiao was still in a state of dementia, and the familiar voice of text messages that he had not heard in the past three days drifted into his ears. I picked up my cell phone and clicked on it: Xiaoxiao, I'm sorry,Heme Iron Polypeptide, let's break up. Dong Xiao completely stunned, one after another information so that she was a little dazzled, not before, even the rolling world channel will not let her so dizzy. The strength of the whole body seems to be suddenly emptied, the limbs are soft and unable to lift the strength, want to tap the keyboard to ask him why, want to dial the mobile phone to ask him what, want to get up and run to his dormitory to question him face to face why this is! A five-year relationship is not a child's play. How can someone break up without any warning. Dong Xiao has not yet let the chaotic brain calm down, but Feng Xiaoxiao's side suddenly appeared a pair of people and horses. Without saying a word, he tied up Feng Xiaoxiao with a special advanced prop'Gan Kun Tie ', and then rode on a tall horse at lightning speed, dragging Feng Xiaoxiao, who could not break free, to gallop out of the city. But the unexpected events in the game Dong Xiao has no mind to pay attention to, she pushed the keyboard suddenly stood up, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,Kava Root Extract, rushed out of the room and ran downstairs, even the door of the dormitory forgot to close. On the 21-inch LCD screen, the weak beauty, Feng Xiaoxiao, rubbed against the ground miserably, raised dust all the way, screamed and screamed, and the wind was like a kite being manipulated freely by the people on the other side of the thread, swinging left and right, horses were running fast, and Feng Xiaoxiao's body passed through the city gate and hit the big rocks in the suburbs. An ordinary blouse with a durability of 60 becomes 30 in the blink of an eye. The perpetrators of the raid ignored the laughter and sympathy of all the people on the road and galloped forward without stopping, and the angry words of some people jumped out of the world channel. World Channel: The flower smiles to me: "Everybody comes to Jun Yang to watch the scene of bustle, has a group of trash to drag a woman to parade in the street, is really extremely tragic!"! Kawaii: Drag a woman? No, so shameless! The flower smiled at me and said, "It seems that Feng Xiaoxiao who runs a grocery store. Isn't her husband a great master?"? Come out and save your wife! It's over. It's over. They dragged her to the moat. Poor thing. Grapes are not sour, I do not eat: I also saw, six big men to deal with a female number, or life players, is really a drop! Body odor woman: Her husband's name is Qianlong, right? Are you online? If you are online, go to save your wife. Bloodthirsty Mighty Man: If Emperor Qianlong doesn't come out, your wife will be taken over. The crowd in the world was still talking and calling, and the six perpetrators had dragged the wind to the moat of Junyang City. This river has made countless new people suffer losses, everyone is stuck by this river can not live, can not die. One of the powerful soldiers with a knife dragged Feng Xiaoxiao into the river, and several people behind him immediately tacitly took out all kinds of weapons and began to frantically attack Feng Xiaoxiao, who was equipped with a whiteboard. Meteor Chopping the Moon, Bodhisattva Man, Thunderbolt Mountains and Rivers, Wind and Fire Liancheng, Weizhen Thunder and so on, some dazzling attack moves rained down on Fengxiaoxiao's body without any defense. In the eyes of outsiders, Feng Xiaoxiao is like a fool who doesn't know how to resist, standing there and letting these shameless people kill him. The bright red-500,-2000 and other dazzling Arabic numerals constantly appear on the top of the head. In the blink of an eye, the kungfu wind drizzled dead and alive, alive and dead, and has dropped several levels in a continuous cycle. Some of the onlookers standing by the river could not bear to watch, so they jumped down and prepared to rescue them. The swordsman, who had not made a move, was on guard and immediately blocked them. At present, the channel pops up a warning that makes people shy away. [Ruthless Man]: Whoever intervenes will be the enemy of [Happy Dynasty]! As soon as the words came out, everyone wondered, isn't the Happy Dynasty the gang of Feng Xiaoxiao's husband? She is also the vice leader of the gang. Just as everyone was wondering, a very common system announcement popped up in the most prominent position at the top of the screen: Congratulations to the player Qianlong and the player Zimo Red Dust for tying the knot. May the two newlyweds be United forever and grow old together. Dong Xiao went to the dormitory to find Qian Long fruitless, angry hurried back to the dormitory just want to turn off the computer did not expect to see such a strong news,Quillaja Saponin, for a time, Dong Xiao stimulating eyes red, trembling all over. Who is Qianlong? Qianlong lived in the same community with her. The two parents were colleagues. They had been in love with her for five years. They were going to get married after graduation. They had just dumped her ex-boyfriend.





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