Act like a spoiled child with Bo Shao--Jin Yan

Yizhen smiled. "Anyway, I know you don't have a bad heart.". "That's all right. If you have something to say, you don't have to tell me in detail."

Luo Huan because of the force, soon, wrapped in the palm of the gauze was directly red with blood, even with blood stains also got in the home clothes of Bo Jinnan, but Bo Jinnan did not frown. The next moment, Luo Huan was directly clasped by Bo Jinnan's wrist and held directly in his arms. Treat the wound first. The little hand was tightly clamped by the man, Luo Huan could not move, and could only let Bo Jinnan pull himself into the bedroom. Luo Huan choked, his eyes were red, and the man's deep voice sounded overhead. Your body is all wet. Change your dirty clothes first and take a bath. I don't have women's clothes here. You wear my clothes first. Luo Huan was stunned, and then the corners of his mouth raised a sneer. His tone seemed to be like saying that the weather was really good today. Heh. Why is such a big thing not worth mentioning to him? That's right. It's Tangtang's life. It has nothing to do with him. Luo Huan's little hand struggled away from the man's palm and stared at his handsome face. "Why did you lie to me?" He said in a hoarse voice. See Luo Huan did not change clothes for a long time, Feng Mou Qingli stared at himself, his little face was pale and bloodless, and his thin Jin Nan eyes were deep. Seeing that Bo Jinnan did not open his mouth, Luo Huan continued to ask, "Bo Jinnan, is it interesting to play me like a fool?" "Did you know Lin Hao was dead early in the morning, but you deliberately fooled me into going to Ning'an?" "Bo Jinnan.." You "Well.." Luo Huan wanted to say something else and suddenly opened his eyes wide. Because He actually used this method to stop himself from going on. Luo Huan eye socket quickly red, tears constantly overflow from the eye socket, stretched out a small hand to hammer the man's chest, but Bo Jinnan did not shake a cent. The man's big hand clasped his waist more tightly, so that he clung to him,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and the two of them embraced each other without a gap. Luo Huan's whole person rustled and trembled, and these Bo Jinnan could all feel it. Bo Jinnan, who was obviously a neat freak, did not mind at the moment. He held Luo Huan tightly in his arms until he was sure that Luo Huan's mood in his arms had really been calmed down. Then he stood up again and stared at the woman in front of him with his eyes like torches. Can you calm down and listen to me now? Luo Huan: … … Calm No. Because just breathing is not smooth, Luo Huan's cheeks faded some pale, dyed a little bit of reddish, at the moment Luo Huan Feng eyes red, full of grievance glaring at Bo Jinnan, but let Bo Jinnan full of helplessness. Take a shower first, then calm down and come out to listen to me. Because at this stage, Bo Jinnan felt that it was himself who could not calm down. The kiss just now, the absence is oneself. Luo Huan: … … Take a shower? "Luo Huan, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, if you are sick, how can you find a match?" In a word, it is obviously more useful than the kiss just now, Luo Huan's mood returns in an instant, and people become calm down. He was sick, not only could he not find a match, but also could not take good care of Tangtang. Thinking of Tangtang, Luo Huan's eyes were red again. Luo Huan still wants to say something, the whole person has been pushed into the bathroom by Bo Jinnan. If you don't want me to go in and wash it for you, then wash it out yourself, and I'll put the clothes on the cabinet. Hearing the man's voice, Luo Huan reluctantly felt that he was really cold. When you come out, we'll talk about it. Bo Jinnan is still in a mess at the moment, but he is still patient to coax Luo Huan first, like coaxing a child, helpless and headache. Uh Reluctantly, Luo Huan gave Bo Jinnan a response, but let Bo Jinnan feel relieved. When Luo Huan stood in the warm bathroom, he found himself shivering with cold. Colder than the body is the heart. Now Luo Huan's mind is full of the lovely smile of Tangtang looking forward to kindergarten, lingering in his mind. Half an hour later, Luo Huan finished washing, unable to wash all his wet clothes, can only wash his underwear and dry it with a hair dryer, put it on and put on Bo Jinnan's big shirt. Luo Huan was stunned, and it was the first time he had worn a man's clothes. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Happy National Day! More! Chapter 136 sleep in my bed (end of 3rd watch). Bo Jinnan's clothes were worn on his own body, as if a child had stolen an adult's clothes. Funny and ridiculous. Luo Huan borrowed Bo Jinnan's bathroom more than once. This time I took a bath in a grand way. Luo Huan was a little annoyed and reached out to rub his face before he felt that his nerves were not so numb. Drenched in the rainstorm for so long, although washed such a long warm bath, but still feel that the muscles can not be relaxed up. When Luo Huan came out of the bathroom, he saw that Bo Jinnan had changed into a clean set of home clothes and was sitting on the sofa. The man's legs were folded, his posture was elegant, and he was holding a newspaper in his hand. Luo Huan: … … Although the picture in front of us is perfect like a picture scroll, Luo Huan has no idea of appreciating it. When Bo Jinnan saw Luo Huan coming out, he put the English newspaper in his hand on the tea table, and then his deep eyes fell on Luo Huan's body, and his eyes were very deep. Luo Huan is definitely something he has never seen before. Her own shirt can be worn on her body as a short skirt. Her skin is really white. Almost white and shiny. She stood in the lamplight, as if she had naturally attracted all the attention. I am no exception. Bo Jinnan slowly raised the corner of his lips, then withdrew his gaze and gently pursed his lips. Sit down. Luo Huan: … … Sit? Now is not the time to sit down and talk about things. Because I have nothing to say to Bo Jinnan. When Luo Huan saw Bo Jinnan,Glucono Delta Lactone, Feng Mou burst out with anger and stepped forward directly. "When did you know?" He snapped. "After coming back from Ning'an." Bo Jinnan's answer is very capable. Luo Huan sneered, thinking that he had been deceived by Bo Jinnan these days, and he was even more angry. Why didn't you tell me.





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