Quick wear: raiders blackening male protagonist

Quick wear: raiders blackening male protagonist

"There are fox demons, but who says I'm for myself?" Meier smiled slowly, and then she suddenly moved her eyes to the silent Ling Mo, "My Lord, why don't we cooperate? You get the ageless ice flower for me, and I'll unlock the curse for you." "Curse two words let Tang Qing one Zheng, also let Ling Mo eye color slightly change." What do you know. This is Ling Mo said, said, since he saw his own sword spirit, he has always felt that there is something wrong in the body, but really want to say, and can not say where, this will be reminded by the little fox, can not help frowning. Meier dared to come alone, but more than curiosity, she saw the curse on him. I see a curse in you, a curse from the dark gods. Dark God these four words let the system suddenly how to shout up, do not wait for Tang Qing to ask carefully, he then loudly opens the mouth, "I remembered!"! Do you remember when you robbed someone's clothes to wipe a blackened hand bone in the land of the dead? How could such a bad memory be forgotten? With a black face, Tang Qing nodded and said, "It has something to do with that man." "Yes, I always thought he looked familiar before, but I didn't check it carefully. I suddenly remembered that he was the most mysterious God on the mainland. He could curse when he opened his mouth. Do you remember what he said to you at the beginning?" Tang Qing:.. Sex.. The curse of coldness To tell you the truth, it's the first time I've seen her through so many worlds. Afraid that people wouldn't believe her, Meier continued to Ling Mo,Nail production machine, "Didn't Lord Ling feel anything wrong with his body?"? For example She paused, pondered a little time, and then whispered, "It's useless in some way." How to say is also a fox demon clan, famous for its charm, if other curses can not be seen, but this curse is simply tailor-made for the fox demon clan, because in addition to the dark God himself, the fox demon clan can solve this curse. When Ling Mo heard this, his complexion could not be described as ugly. He was vaguely aware of it,wire nail machine manufacturers, but now that a little fox had broken it on the spot, what good complexion could he have? He endured the mood of killing people and said coldly, "How to solve it?" Meier also knew that it was a shame for a man not to be able to do this, so she whispered, "We fox demons have an inner elixir. After taking it, we can break the curse.". However, I have a condition, must take not the old ice flower, I will give you this inner alchemy. Tang Qing lowered her head silently, and she never thought that provoking a person casually would have such an effect. But the system, in the side quite a bit of emotion, "This is simply a lifetime ah, I suddenly want you to get the ageless ice flower." Tang Qing laughed, but listened to Ling Mo's cold opening again, "Kill you, I can still get your inner alchemy." 450. No Chapter 450 people peep at my bones every day. After hearing this answer, Meier was not afraid. She just smiled and said slowly, "Kill me. You don't know how to use this inner alchemy. Anyway, nail manufacturing machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, it's the lifeblood of our fox demon clan. Ordinary people use it indiscriminately. It can't achieve the effect you want, but it's just the opposite.". Although with the skill of Lord Ling, he is not afraid of being eaten back, but he doesn't want to waste time on this kind of thing. The cold air flowed in the air, and Ling Mo's face could be said to be extremely bad, but Tang Qing was lost in some kind of meditation. Can there be an explanation in the original world line? What is the old ice flower doing? The system shook his head, "the plot has not been automatically completed to this place, it is estimated that she will not know until she gets the ageless ice flower.". But why do you ask? "Without the inner alchemy, the little fox would not be fatal, but his cultivation would be completely useless.". In order not to take her inner alchemy as a condition for the old ice flower, she thought it was not for herself, but not for herself, and for whom? Tang Qing looked straight at Meier and finally asked, "Who do you want this ageless ice flower for?" Meier's attitude was submissive, but what she said really meant something else. This is my own business, and I hope that Lord Su will not ask more questions. ” Tang Qing did not force others to do so. "Since you don't want to say it, then forget it." Meier, "thank Lord Su for his understanding." "The ageless ice flower can get it for you. Now you can get out." The cold voice sounded, Meier looked slightly different, but did not dare to stay, she immediately stood up, slightly bowed to him, "Ling adult, when it is done, see you at the pavilion three miles away from the city of ice and snow, I will wait for you there." With that, she ran out without looking back. Outside the restaurant, Meier did not go far, but held the pillar beside her and spat out a mouthful of blood. The long street where people come and go is very lively, and this scene is naturally seen by many people. When Meier doesn't smile, she looks beautiful, very pure and lovely. Such a girl vomits blood in the street, which immediately attracts many people's attention. Inside the restaurant, Tang Qing heard the noise outside and said silently, "Actually, it's my fault." Finish saying, she raises an eye stealthily, see the other side is looking at oneself, this just continues: "Your that curse, because I arise." She said the dark God, thought Ling Mo would be angry, but he not only did not get angry, but his lips slightly raised. To this, she asked, "What's wrong with you?" "I am very happy." Only the beloved will be cursed, which also represents how much weight she has in her heart. The system is also full of questions, especially after hearing this answer, it is speechless: "The brain circuit of the man is really not what I and other mortals can understand." In the end is his own man, when she should protect, she still has to protect, "go, go, a single dog who has never been in love, what can you understand?" The system was hit by 10,000 points on the spot, to which he said angrily: "You wait, finish this task,wire nail making machine, I will go back to the headquarters to find a wife!" "Why, is your system still divided into men and women?" "That must be, or else?"? I tell you not to look down on our system! 。 3shardware.com





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