Hero Blood-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise

Hero Blood-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise

"You don't have to say anything," he said in a vigorous voice, "but your brother can't move a step!" A figure of medium height on the left suddenly said, "Can you walk if you say so?" "That's not necessarily true," he said in a vigorous voice. "It depends on where your brother goes." "Walk around," said the figure of medium height. "Take a walk?" Said the vigorous voice? It's so late at night that people are suspicious! "If you don't believe me, there's nothing I can do," said the figure of medium height. "It's not that I don't believe it, it's that your brother's dress makes me hard to believe!" "What's wrong with this dress?" Asked the figure of medium height. "It's a bit like going on a long journey," he said in a vigorous voice. "Even if it is," said the figure of medium height, "can you control it?" "Others can't control it," he said in a vigorous voice. "I can. I can't control others, but I can control your brother." "What do you rely on?" Asked the figure of medium height. "Just with those two hands," said the vigorous voice. "You're too unreasonable," said the figure of medium height. "You're a bully." "Be reasonable?" Said the vigorous voice? Guilty as a thief, you want to slip away, are you right? The bodies of the three figures shook violently, and the tall figure said sternly, "Your Excellency.." Vigorous voice continues to say his: "Take the thing of others, tell you to want to return inside 3 days, the thing has not returned, your brother is about to run away the first night, is this reason?" I see, everything is clear! "So you are.." said the tall figure. "It's good to understand," he said in a vigorous voice. "Your brother won't be able to move a step before it's returned." The tall figure was silent. "Your Excellency should know that it's none of my three brothers' business," said the figure of medium height. The vigorous voice laughed and said: "Push clean, let the people in the yard hear, three, hum, hum..." "Don't forget," he added in a deep voice, "it was brought by your brother." The figure of medium height said,Coil Nail Making Machine, "It's not my brother who is entrusted and loyal to others." Vigorous voice said: "No matter how you say, or that sentence, things have not returned, do not want to go!" " The figure of medium height was just about to answer! Suddenly the night sky floated a gloomy cold voice: "I see who can stop your brother, you go!" " Three figures rose to their feet! At the right moment, a thin dark shadow rose from the courtyard and rushed to the distant roof ridge! On the roof in the distance, the vigorous voice rose again: "Ha!"! Fourth Master Hu has come out in person. What an honor! Three wisps of silver light came, pointing to the three big holes of the thin shadow! The thin shadow gave a cold hum: "a small skill of carving insects. Even scrap metal dares to show off." Left sleeve slightly swing, three wisps of silver light fall! The flutter did not change, and the lightning struck. Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter in the night sky: "He can't do it. I can do it. Fourth Master Hu, look at me.". ” A tall figure, such as unrestrained, flying back to the sky, cut across the thin shadow in midair, powerful peerless, milling small call when! With a thud, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, the thin dark figure flew obliquely and fell on a roof! The tall shadow did not attack, but shot at another roof at the same time! See clearly, the most eye-catching is the hump on the back of the tall shadow! The thin shadow shook and said coldly, "Who are you?" The tall shadow laughed and said, "Gu Yuetian, you still have that garlic!" "Your Excellency has mistaken me for someone else, Hu Tiannan, an old man from the Bianliang Family," said the thin black figure. "Once upon a time," said the tall shadow, "the four attendants of Shura became timid." "Che Laosan.." said the thin shadow. The tall shadow's eyes flashed fiercely, and he shouted coldly, "Gu Yuetian, you are tired of living!" With a shiver, the thin black shadow changed his tune with a dry smile and said, "Looking at the martial arts world, there is only one person who can take my'broken soul 'palm. It turns out to be Mr. Che San. That's no wonder. I haven't seen you for many years. How are you?" The tall shadow snorted coldly, "The old hunchback is very strong!" The thin shadow said with a smile, "I just received the letter from the second gentleman, but I didn't expect the third gentleman to come.." "Well, you know," said the tall shadow, "the fourth brother of my family also came, and he arrived even earlier." The thin shadow shook again. "Oh," he said, "Gu Yuetian doesn't know where the fourth gentleman is now." The tall figure answered well, "Kaifeng!" The thin shadow laughed wildly and said, "That's right, Kaifeng. When did the third gentleman arrive?" "Just arrived," said the tall figure. "What a coincidence," said the thin shadow. "I didn't expect Master Ma, who sells'powerful pills'.." "There are a lot of things you didn't think of," said the tall shadow. The thin shadow gave a dry laugh and was just about to speak! The tall shadow suddenly snorted coldly and said, "Gu Yuetian, if you want to waste the old hunchback and let those three things take the opportunity to slip away, you've made a mistake. You can't stop it, old hunchback.." The thin shadow said with a sly smile, "Yes, Mr. Che San, where do I dare?"? I haven't seen you for many years. I want to talk about it. The tall shadow answered coldly, "Don't show off your tricks in front of the old hunchback. The old hunchback is not as good as my fourth and second brother, but it's all right to deal with you.." Raise a hand to point to, way: "Old hunchback tells you again-sentence, my home second child sits town north horn, already was waiting there, nevertheless, it seems that my home second child did not make a move!" "How do you see that?" Asked the thin shadow, turning his eyes wildly. "Look and ask again," said the tall shadow. The thin shadow glanced back quickly, and he froze! It took him a long time to turn around and keep silent! Those three who did not live up to expectations were still standing on the roof of the original place, motionless. It was clear that they had been blocked by someone and could not move! "Have you seen it clearly?" Asked the tall shadow. The thin shadow opened his mouth, but he was weak. "See clearly!" The tall shadow sneered and said, "With the roles of the three of them,Automatic nail machine, is it worth the second child of my family?"? My second child is waiting for the three above you, do you understand? 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