The complete works of the best crown princess

The complete works of the best crown princess

Qi Ruinan looked dark and smiled again. "Yes, that's what I was going to do, but then something happened, so I changed my mind." "What is it?" Qi Ruinan did not speak, his eyes drifted outside the pavilion, not knowing what he was looking at. Fu Yiran thought, "did you change your mind because I found Brother Shan and Brother Gu and was afraid that they would tell the truth?" Qi Ruinan turned around and said with a laugh, "Of course not. I could have killed him before that. They wouldn't have threatened me." "Then you.." Fu leisurely face suddenly changed, "you know Xi Yue.." "Xi Yue what?" Qi Ruinan's expression suddenly became gloomy. He stood up and stared at Fu Yiran. "If you hadn't talked nonsense in front of Xiyue, she wouldn't have distrusted me." "If you hadn't done something like that, you wouldn't have been able to do it!" Fu Yiran is furious, "that is Xiyue's family, do you let me watch her sleep with the enemy who killed her father?" In the end, Fu Yiran's eyes were already a little red. Facts have proved that Fu Yiran is still simple, Qi Ruinan will ask this is not that he has long known the truth, but in the test of Fu Yiran,car radiator cap, as expected, a try will have a result. Qi Ruinan seemed to be very angry. "You don't know anything at all!" I don't know? What is the truth? Fu Yiran roared, "Why was Lin Tingzhai encircled and suppressed by the court? Do you dare to say that it was not at your behest?" Qi Ruinan's lips moved, and after a while, he was livid and said, "I don't have to explain to you!" "That's the truth!" Fu Yiran stood in place with his fists clenched and his body trembling. "Shanzhai is a precarious livelihood, and the people who go up the mountain have already prepared for it. But why do you want to marry Xiyue? You should let Xiyue die with her brother. Maybe she won't be as painful as she is now!" "Her pain was brought to her by you." Qi Ruinan often took a breath,CNC machining parts, "I'm glad to let you stay away from her, he will feel much better." He walked to the fence and looked out of the pavilion, his voice drifting. "I won't hurt her." Fu Yiran hates unceasingly, "you have already hurt!" Qi Ruinan did not look back. "You don't have to interfere in our affairs." "What if I have to intervene?" Fu Yiran turned to Qi Ruinan and stared at him. "I'm not afraid to tell you that Xiyue already knows everything about Amethyst and Lin Tingzhai. Now she has lost the chance of revenge. Do you think she will stay with you?" Qi Ruinan turned a deaf ear to Fu Yiran's question and asked instead, "She..". How are you going to get back at me? ?” Fu Yiran turned his head and did not answer with a cold hum. Qi Ruinan's expression darkened. "I can guess if you don't tell me." Fu Yiran stared at him, his eyes almost spurting fire, "Don't make such a disgusting expression, since you destroyed Lin Tingzhai, you should know that you and Xiyue are no longer possible." Qi Ruinan glanced at Fu Yiran. "What are you going to do?" "I'm going to take her." Fu Yiran looked firm. "Take her to Chu and start a new life." "No." Qi Ruinan didn't even think about it. "It's impossible." "If you win the bet, Qi Yibei go with me, you stay in Dajin, car radiator cap ,alloy die casting, you have already got what you want, why do you still want to tie up Xiyue?"? Do you feel better when she sees you? "You don't have to worry about that." "As long as she's still Lin Xiyue, I have to take care of her!" Fu Yiran's little face was red with anger. "You like power. Now that you've got it, let her go!" The tip of Qi Ruinan's eyebrow jumped lightly. He turned around and looked at Fu Yiran lightly. "I said, don't mind our business. Don't you understand?" "You!" Fu Yiran was so angry that he was about to start. Before his fist touched Qi Ruinan's edge, his wrist was firmly locked. Qi Ruinan threw Fu Yiran's hand away, "I am not a gentleman, and I will not take pity on her.". You'd better go back early and pack up so that you can be on your way soon. Then he turned around and floated away. Fu Yiran was so angry that he trembled all over, watching the snow-white figure about to walk out of the pavilion, bowing his head and taking off a shoe, his wrist so hard that the shoe drew a perfect parabola in the air and landed on the back of Qi Ruinan's head. Qi Ruinan had already been aware of it and flashed to the side, which was falling into Fu Yiran's hands. She had quietly shifted her position when her shoes flew out, waiting for Qi Ruinan to dodge and take the opportunity to use her special skill of Fuhu Luohan Quan. Qi Ruinan was caught off guard by the killing, and his hair was disheveled between the jumps and blocks, and his clothes were stained with some dust. Fu Yiran knew that he was no match for him. After a few moves, he stopped and said in a cold voice, "Don't pretend to be cool there. You can't decide whether Xiyue will go or stay." Qi Ruinan looked at Fu Yiran, who had vowed not to give up, and seemed to have a headache. Just as he was about to speak, his face suddenly changed, as if he had thought of something. He hurriedly threw his hem, and had no time to say anything. He walked quickly. Little Anzi was frightened to pick up the shoes and put them on Fu Yiran. Fu Yiran flattened his heels and squeezed out a sentence for a long time, "This kind of person is really impolite!" For Fu Yiran to Qi Ruinan's evaluation, small Anzi naturally dare not say anything, quietly wipe away the cold sweat on the forehead, with Fu Yiran back to Changxin Palace. Qi Yibei has been waiting there. Very three strange, obviously have a stomach of parting words to say, can really meet, and do not know what to say. Fu Yiran thought of Qi Ruinan's words and hesitated for a long time, but still did not ask. The two of them asked about it in silence. Fu Yiran went to the window, where she placed a palm-sized flowerpot, which was the grass she raised. Ah Fu leisurely exclaimed, led Qi Yibei to see, Qi Yibei was also a little surprised at the sight, the grass in the middle, unexpectedly drilled out a small flower bud, originally this raised a winter is not grass, is a flower. Spring is really the season of blooming. "Old Qi,socket screw plug," Fu Yiran whispered, "I want to have a child." It seems that in this season, not only plants but also animals want to blossom.





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