My ex-husband is Qiu by Guseshi.

"From today on, all the people in Zichen Palace will be replaced except you and Qiongye.". If you can't even keep Zichen Palace clean, you don't have to be the eunuch manager.

"From today on, all the people in Zichen Palace will be replaced except you and Qiongye.". If you can't even keep Zichen Palace clean, you don't have to be the eunuch manager. Go to Taiwei Mansion to be the manager of the inner courtyard. I believe Old Lady Lu must love you very much. Lu Sheng heart immediately a tremor, I don't know where to reveal the truth, unexpectedly let the female emperor see he is Qiu. Not daring to say much, he said, "Yes, the old slave obeys the decree. The old slave guarantees his life. From now on, the Zichen Hall will be clean from top to bottom. Even a catkin can't fly out!" Xie Ning nodded without comment, then turned his head and said kindly, "Empress Dowager." "Your Majesty." The queen mother hurriedly answered. Xie Ning said, "The female official beside the Empress Dowager, I like her good makeup very much. I wonder if the Empress Dowager can give up what she loves and give me the orchid." "Your Majesty's pity is the blessing of the orchid for all generations. How can the mourning family stop it?" The queen mother said, "moreover, your majesty should remember, this palace, this world is your majesty, what your majesty wants, need not ask, direct decree is." Xie Ning smiled, very satisfied with this, presumably the queen mother is also very satisfied. Chapter 18 pleading guilty. “…… That's what happened. Your Majesty changed all the palace people in the Zichen Palace, but the big eunuch Lu Sheng didn't change. Qiong Ye was promoted to a first-class palace maid to serve the emperor. In addition,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, he transferred a makeup woman from the Changqiu Palace, named Lan Ro. Geng Changning told him everything that had happened in the Daytime Palace and then asked, "Hou Ye, do you think the Empress has found out that Lu Sheng is one of us?" Lu Li's eyes were cold. His eyes fell on the brocade box in the corner of the bookcase. After a moment, he said, "Go and pass the sign. I want to enter the palace." Geng Changning asked, "That.." What's the reason? Before Lu Li could answer, his valet, Dust,beam impact tubes, came running with a loud shout. Hou Ye! It's not good! Madame's yard. He ran in, jumping up and down. Madam's yard was smashed by Aunt Lin! Lu Li's eyes sank in an instant, and the wind swept him out. His inner study was in the west wing of the courtyard of the main room, and Xie Ning's Dark Fragrance Garden was in the east of the main room, almost instantly. I went to see that the gate of the courtyard was still fine, but the plum trees in the courtyard were knocked off their branches and flowers, and the sound of ping-pong in the house was constant. Lu Li's eyes changed complicatedly and violently, his fists clenched, and he took another step forward, but finally stopped. Hou Ye? Dust and Geng Changning caught up. Now there's a reason. Lu Li said, "To report to the female emperor, I said I was unworthy of the female emperor, failed to protect the female emperor's things, please punish the female Emperor.". There is only one old thing left. I hope it can be presented to the female emperor. I hope the female emperor can see it. "Yes, my subordinates are going to draft a memorial to the throne." Geng Changning bowed. But, Hou Ye. Dust looked at Lu Li who turned around and walked away, beam impact tubes ,side impact door beams, and then looked at the room that was already quiet and silent, "Aunt Lin." This "Drag her back and lock up the yard." Lu Li said, "Dust, come and change clothes." "Oh.." Yes Dust walked back step by step and followed Lu Li back to the inner study. He couldn't help saying, "Hou Ye, you haven't been willing to give up Dark Fragrance Garden for three years.." "Shut up." Lu Li shouted. The dust pursed his mouth and had to say nothing. After Lu Li changed into a brocade robe, Geng Changning handed the sign into the palace, and when Lu Li rode to the gate of Chong'an, the oral order of Qiu entering the palace came out, but the place to meet was not Zichen Palace, but in the pavilion beside Qujiang Pool. On such a cold day, the snow had just stopped, and she was meeting people in the pavilion? With her broken body, is she too tired to live? Lu Li frowned and stepped forward quickly, only to see a white figure standing in the pavilion from a distance, leaning against the pillar and not knowing what he was looking at. In a moment of impatience, Lu Li cried, "Do you really think that you can't be frozen in the snow?" Xie Ning turned to look at him when she heard this, but her eyes were still a little red. Lu Li suddenly remembered what had been said during the day. The female emperor was forced by the Minister of Rites to cry in front of the spirit of the late emperor, and almost gave up the throne. He knew in his heart how false the cry was, and he did not know why he had seen her red eyes at the first sight. Your Majesty. "Lu Li perfunctorily arched his hand and sneered," Is Your Majesty going to cry in front of me, too? Tears are getting cheaper these days. Xie Ning is stupefied, immediately smiled, "this will see what Qiu takes to change." Lu Li's lips were pursed. His lips were already thin, but now they were as sharp and fickle as a line. You didn't like to cry before. "In fact, I have always been a crying person, and I can't stand a little grievance." Xie Ning sighed, "but because Qiu told me before that tears are the most useless and boring thing, I stopped crying." Lu Li's expression paused and he asked, "Then why do you cry now?"? As an emperor.. What kind of emperor am I? Besides, a tear can bring peace around you, so why not? Xie Ning said with a smile, "I have nothing now, can change a little thing is a little, Qiu said, to be good at using their own advantages." This is said to be sophisticated and desolate, Lu Li has been avoiding to look at her face, her eyes and her scars, do not want to see, but after listening to this or can not help but look at her. It happened that a gust of wind came and blew her clothes hunting. Lu Li put up with it again and again, and finally took off the cloak on her body and stepped forward to hold her head full. Blow you to death! He said through clenched teeth, tying a knot in his belt, and retreating to the foot of the steps, not looking at her. Your Majesty should treasure the Eucharist. Xie Ning stroked the crane on her body and was stunned for half an hour before she remembered to call out, "Somebody!" "Your Majesty." Lu Sheng answered. "Go and fetch a cloak. I dare not use Qiu's cloak." "Yes, the slave is going." Lu Li frowned and said, "Why bother?" "Not much." Xie Ning lowered her eyes and said, "I can't see you get sick, can I?"? I don't like to wear cotton-padded gowns. Once upon a time, once upon a time, like two hands,Precision Welded pipes, all the distant memories were picked up. Xie Ning couldn't help asking, "Are the plum blossoms still blooming in the yard?" This seemed to remind Lu Li. "I'm here to apologize to Your Majesty," he said in a low voice. 。





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