Send you a small dumpling.

Meiko turned to Xiao Ran and said, "Family, family, what's polite, right?" Score also heckled, "a family, a family, it's necessary to send our team sister-in-law."

Meiko turned to Xiao Ran and said, "Family, family, what's polite, right?" Score also heckled, "a family, a family, it's necessary to send our team sister-in-law." The speed of the car is neither slow nor fast. The scenery outside the window and the roadside signs are becoming more and more familiar, indicating that Qinyuan is getting closer and closer. Xiao ran pinched Ye Ze's joints and used a little force. Suddenly he was reluctant to give up. Here we are- "Li Ming's voice came from the front." Thank you Xiao Ran lowered his head to pack up his things and checked again to prevent anything from being left behind. I'll take you back. Ye Ze followed and got up. Disuse Before Xiao Ran had finished saying his refusal, he was led out of the car by Ye Ze. Seeing this, Li Ming laughed and said to the driver, "Then wait a minute." "Strange." Meiko muttered. What's so strange? It's not the first day I've seen you. Goin07 looked indifferent and focused on the video of the game. Get used to it, get used to it, right, Kaka? "I'm used to it." Kaka's voice is weak. "" Out of the car, away from the heating, blowing on the face of the dry and cold air. It's so cold that you can't help but want to hold your waist. Xiao ran was a little uncomfortable and sneezed. Ye Ze stopped, wrapped Xiao Ran's scarf in another circle,stainless steel tube fitting, and tidied it up before pulling her into Qinyuan again. Speechless all the way. The dim light of night is like a thick inkstone, too deep to melt. There was no sound around, only the slight sound of shoes stepping across the cobblestone pavement. It's hers. Ye Ze can hardly make a sound when he walks. Xiao Ran was led by Ye Ze and deliberately lagged behind him by more than half a step. By the dim light of the road, you can just see his side face carved by meticulous brushwork. Thin and tall, wearing only the black windbreaker of Me, which is a winter uniform, I feel cold when I look at it. He seems to have little sense of the temperature and always wears very little clothes. Wrapped in his palm,ball valve manufacturer, however, it was warm. Sometimes, I feel that God is really unfair, everything gives him the best, family background, appearance, even talent gives him the best. Grandpa Ye said that Ye Ze grew up so big, it seems that he has not suffered much, and he always does things smoothly. Aware of Xiao Ran's trance, Ye Ze asked, "What are you thinking about?" Xiao Ran breathed a sigh, looked at the white fog that melted into the night, sighed, 38 tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, and said, "I'm thinking that God always seems unfair." "Give you the best of everything." With that, Xiao Ran shook Ye Ze's hand. Well, you gave me the best of you. God, it's not fair. Ye Ze said without the slightest hesitation, as if he had rehearsed a thousand times and said it naturally. Xiao ran was stunned and rubbed his face into the soft scarf, trying to bury it a little deeper, leaving only a pair of wet eyes outside. Downstairs in the apartment, Xiao Ran loosened Ye Ze's hand and stepped back for some distance. Standing on the steps in front of the apartment, he said to Ye Ze, "Well, don't send me up. Meiko is still waiting for you." "I'm here to watch you go back, okay?" Xiao ran didn't give Ye Ze a chance to open his mouth. It's windy. Ye Ze's concise two, the meaning of refusal is very obvious. It's windy. Don't stand here. Xiao Ran stubbornly shook his head and clenched his fist tightly in the pocket of his down jacket. Good night Ye Ze chose to compromise. Good night Unfair God also gave me the best of you, Ye Ze. The cold wind blew, the wind rustled, and the fallen dead leaves rolled over the cobblestone pavement, rustling. Ye Ze turned around, and the fierce wind brought up the hem of the soldier's windbreaker, revealing the pure white Me on the black team pants. Thin thin figure, just stand into eternity. Have an eternal edge that will never be lost. you 't fly if ry。 The author has something to say: better, good night ORZ Today is really short, the following rhythm should be faster ~ also want to say sorry to the little cuties, I will ask for leave to go back to see grandpa the day after tomorrow. Grandpa just got out of the hospital. Tomorrow will be very busy, but try to give a chapter! An'an! Thanks to the three thunder cast by Hanami Wine Cutie! Thanks for the nutrient solution sent by the cuties! Chapter 50 selling a cute. Chapter 50 Your little cutie suddenly appeared. Xiao Ran logged on to the school's educational administration network with his mobile phone and inquired about the schedule of the new semester. The class schedule on the web page is dense. Chinese Ancient History, World Ancient History, College English, Mental Health.. They are all normal classes, and there is one more psychology than last semester. The course schedule is not tight, and there are basically no classes in the afternoon, except for Tuesday afternoon. After reading the heavy psychology course on the bookshelf and looking at the catalogue at random, Xiao Ran took a bottle of yogurt and stuffed the psychology into his backpack. On the first day of school, I have classes on Wednesday. As soon as he stepped into the classroom, Xiao Ran was surprised and subconsciously pressed the lock screen of his mobile phone to see the time. It's only 7:35.. Almost all the seats in the middle three rows of the classroom are occupied. The back two rows are the exclusive seats for boys. Only the first three rows against the wall and the window have seats. Hey hey, beauty here! A familiar voice. Xiao ran looked along the sound source, and Wang's only elbow on the desk was waving to her excitedly. Walking over, Wang only got up and let Xiao Ran go in and sit inside. Xiao Ran put down the professional book in his arms and was curious, "is it so early today?" "I've had enough winter vacation and I'm going to make progress. Can't I?" The pear vortex at the corner of Xiao Ran's mouth was looming, and he made an OK gesture, smiling without saying a word. Do you really believe it? "Letter." Wang only opened the "History of Ancient China" and read the introduction, "It is true to work hard,brass tube fitting, and it is also true to go up. We have changed our history teacher this semester. If you are late, you have to remember your name. The end of the term will definitely affect the average time. You have to come early anyway for the end of the term. "Sleep a few minutes less, happiness at the end of the term." "No wonder you're all here so early today. I almost thought I was late." 。





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