Full version of Man Chao Feng Hua

Full version of Man Chao Feng Hua

Shangguan Rin also ordered the eunuch to issue his own decree to arrest and imprison several trusted traitors of the Marquis of Wenchang. Watching those people being dragged down to the temple one by one, everyone could not help wiping their sweat again. Shangguan Rin looked at the panicked crowd, smiled faintly, held up a piece of paper, and said to the crowd, "Last night, I heard that many people gathered in the mansion of the Marquis of Wenchang, and even some people in order to please the Marquis of Wenchang, looking for someone to show me by the moat." As soon as he finished, several people were so frightened that they crawled on the ground and could not lift their heads. But I'll pretend it never happened. He said, put the list next to the lights, a torch, "I know that many of you are former Wenchang Hou's followers, or willing, or forced, as long as you from today on, see the true face of Wenchang Hou, I will not pursue." As soon as this remark was made, the ministers who had to submit to him because they were afraid of the Marquis of Wenchang breathed a sigh of relief and shouted in unison, "The emperor is wise!" Shangguan Linyi high-spirited, "I also ask the people who are unwilling to listen carefully,stainless steel squatting pan, Wenchang Hou is dead, you are willing to abandon a good future for a dead man, or work for me, step by step, it depends on your own choice!" He said a few words in total, but every word made the courtiers emotional. Who else would choose to avenge a dead man? Everyone understood that everything was the young emperor's plan to lure Wenchang Hou to take the bait, and he did not hesitate to put Wenchang Hou to death. 1-6-K novel network, mobile phone station WAP,stainless steel shower tray, 16K. Cn。 Ruthless and resolute, such a king, who dares to disobey? They fell to their knees and sang "Long live Gao Song". The voice of the mountain was heard in the ears of Shangguan Lin, and for the first time it felt so useful. Dong Qingqiu raised his head and looked up at Shangguan Lin. In my heart, I thought that only he could be a king. Watching, Shangguan Rin's eyes suddenly shifted to Dong Qingqiu, four eyes opposite, Dong Qingqiu somehow, unexpectedly also like that group of ministers, dare not look at each other, the heart suddenly confused. It seemed that the emperor's aura was so strong that she was overwhelmed. Shangguan Rin also ordered the eunuch to issue a second imperial edict, "Heaven ordered the emperor to decree that Dong Qingqiu and Mingyuesong had made great contributions to the Imperial Ancestral Temple, and that they had made contributions to the Imperial Ancestral Temple, and that they had made Dong Qingqiu the prime minister of the left. They had given him a tiger amulet and were in charge of six departments together with Mingyuesong.." Dong Qingqiu did not listen to any of the other rewards. Because she heard Shangguan Lin say, "Give the tiger amulet.". This tiger amulet is a necessary thing to deploy troops, Concealed Flush Valve ,Service Sink Faucets, usually composed of two pieces, half in the hands of the general who went out to fight in the field, the other half in the hands of the emperor. Of course. The half given by Shangguan Lin to Dong Qingqiu should have been saved by the Marquis of Wenchang. But Shangguan Lin actually gave up the half of the tiger amulet and gave it to himself? If you have the tiger amulet, you have the military power? Dong Qingqiu is eager to try. Now she should be the first person besides Shangguan Rin, right? Even the bright moon pine, but also the right phase ah! Dong Qingqiu was so excited that as soon as he finished reading the imperial edict, he fell to his knees and shouted long live, without concealing his joy. wAp. 16k. When she stood up. But I saw the princes looked at her with strange eyes, presumably Dong Qingqiu used such a way of triple jump some dissatisfaction. Dong Qingqiu was too lazy to pay attention to their eyes, and Mingyuesong took the imperial edict, just touched Mingyuesong's confused eyes, it seems that he really can't believe that Shangguan Lin sealed Dong Qingqiu as the left prime minister. Under the court, Ming Yuesong excuse to go back to rest. Shangguan Rin agreed without hesitation. But do not let Dong Qingqiu go back, "Dong Qing.". Follow me back to the Zhanghua Palace, and I will give you the tiger amulet. Dong Qingqiu listened to this, even if again sleepy, also crustily skin of head to follow Shangguan Lin back to Zhanghua Palace. The Marquis of Wenchang was no longer here, and Dong Qingqiu suddenly felt that there was no bottom in his heart, and there was some haze in the Zhanghua Palace. Shangguan Rin handed the tiger amulet to Dong Qingqiu. Seeing stars in her eyes, she couldn't help laughing and said, "Dong Qing, let me ask you, now that the Marquis of Wenchang has died, what should I do most?" "The stubborn traitors of the Marquis of Wenchang will be removed, and no one else will be prosecuted.". The emperor has done it in court today. "Dong Qingqiu replied," The other is to pacify the people. How is the Marquis of Wenchang? The people have a scale in their hearts. The emperor also asked Lord Mingyue to do a good job in dealing with the aftermath before. " What about Dong Qing? What should I do for me? Shangguan Rin asked lightly, listening to Dong Qingqiu's ears but some harsh, yes, can bring down Wenchang Hou, indeed has her credit, but today can kill Wenchang Hou, said that Shangguan Rin has been designed, he did nothing at all, only dozed beside.. But how could such a cold man as Shangguan Rin seal himself as a left phase for no reason? Under one person, above ten thousand people, Shangguan Rin must have his reason to do so. There was still a silver tray in front of the table, in the center of which was a delicate flagon and a cup, in which there was still some wine that had not been drunk. Isn't this the cup that Wen Changhou drank just now? Wen Chang Hou, who dominated one side, was thus solved by Shangguan Rin with a cup of poisonous wine. Dong Qingqiu was frightened to see it. I don't know whether the eunuchs were in a hurry to remove the evidence of the crime, or whether Shangguan Lin deliberately stayed here to stimulate Dong Qingqiu, Dong Qingqiu's mind only felt that the glass of wine was what Shangguan Lin wanted to remind himself. Facing Shangguan Lin's searching but undoubted eyes, Dong Qingqiu did not know what was waiting for him in front of him. He had to bend over to Shangguan Lin and said, "What does the emperor want Qingqiu to do? Qingqiu will do it." Shangguan Rin was very satisfied with Dong Qingqiu's understanding. The cold air on his face gradually turned into a soft mass. He pointed to the tiger amulet and said, "Do you know who has the other half of the tiger amulet?" Dong Qingqiu shook his head, just looking at the exquisite and atmospheric shape of the tiger amulet, I think the army of the general who mastered the tiger amulet was not ordinary. Longxiang general Jiang Wanghan. That is,Flush Retrofit Kit, Wenchang Hou's adopted son. That half of the tiger amulet is in his hand, and half of my country is in his hand. Shangguan Rin looked at Dong Qingqiu, "this is the most difficult problem for me at present!" 。 cnkexin.com





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