God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

At the same time, Bai Ziqi and An Shuishui were also slightly surprised, and the white tiger and the five-element crocodile were shining with their eyes, all of which fell on Yang Qi. Knife boy, are you sure?! How do you know that there is immortal dragon marrow in the nether world? The five-element crocodile is a little excited. Fairy dragon marrow is amazing, and it's of great use to them now. After entering this world, I was surprised to hear a group of necromancers who were rushing to the nether world talking about such things. Yang Qidao. When Lin Tian heard this, he was slightly moved and thought of something: "The monks in the world of the dead were chasing you because you heard such things. They didn't want the news to leak out, so they wanted to kill you." "That's right." Yanchi nodded and spoke succinctly. Lin Tian's eyes crossed a touch of fine awn, which was really an unexpected harvest. Lin boy, see? Fairy Dragon Marrow just appeared! The white tiger's eyes became very bright: "Hurry up, dig it out!" " "However, time has passed so many days, the immortal dragon marrow will not have been taken, right?" An Shuishui said so. Lin Tian hesitated and said, "I don't think so. The place where the immortal dragon marrow is located is usually surrounded by an amazing situation. It's easy to find the breath of the immortal dragon marrow. But if you want to break the situation and take away the immortal Dragon marrow, even if you are not good at the pattern of heaven and earth, it will take you more than half a month to get it." What are you waiting for? Hurry and run over! White Tiger Road. They do not have a strong person above the true divine realm, but Lin Tian himself is in control of the burial of the Dragon Sutra. He can be said to be a powerful person in the domain of heaven and earth. As long as he finds the location of the immortal dragon marrow, he will be able to easily take it out. That's a treasure! Lin Tian nodded, also did not hesitate,plastic bulk containers, immediately beckoned a line of people, toward the dead world of the nether world. This nether mountain is also famous in the world of the dead. When he searched the knowledge of a monk in the world of the dead before, he learned a lot from it, including the coordinates of the nether mountain. The speed of their party was very fast, and the nether mountain happened to be not very far from their current position, so roughly three hours later, they came to the periphery of the nether mountain. As far as the eye could see, the ancient trees in the nether mountains were sparse,plastic wheelie bins, the soil looked a little red and black, and the air was filled with wisps of black mist, which made it feel as if it were a dark place. Boy, do you feel the breath of immortal dragon marrow? The five-element crocodile asked Lin Tiandao. Lin Tian looked at the dark ridge, the eyes of the God opened, the dragon pattern around the pupil, looked at the whole dark ridge, roughly after dozens of breaths, there was a glimmer of light in his eyes. Go, keep up! He said in a deep voice, walking in the front, stepping directly into the dark mountain, and heading for the north of the dark mountain. Just now, he looked at the foundation of the earth vein of the whole Hades Ridge with the broken eyes of God. He only found an amazing pattern of the earth vein in the north of Hades Ridge. From this, he inferred that the immortal dragon marrow existing in Hades Ridge must be in that position. Bai Ziqi and others followed him, plastic pallet manufacturer ,spill plastic pallet, not slowly, and in a twinkling of an eye they went far away and came to the north of the Hades Ridge. Came here, looking ahead, there is a side of the valley, the valley has a white mist floating, it seems a little cold, but it is mixed with a very strong smell of fairy. Came here, staring at the valley ahead, Lin Tian's eyes directly interwoven with fine awn. Feel, in the valley ahead, there is indeed the fluctuation of immortal dragon marrow! He said. Listening to what he said, Anshuishui and others were all naked. Go in and get it! The five-element crocodile clenched its claws. Lin Tian nodded and immediately took a line of people directly into the valley. In the twinkling of an eye, they entered the valley, walked through the white mist, and headed for the depths of the valley. The air in the valley is very cold and depressing, and at the same time, there is a lot of divine breath in the air, among which there is a weak divine power. A strong man above the level of a true God has come here! Lingyun was moved. Chapter 1720 the sword breaks the true God. The air was filled with dozens of waves of divine power, which were interwoven with a faint breath of divine power. It was obvious that a strong man above the true God had come to this place and left a weak divine power here. Shen Wei is not very strong, and he should be a strong man in the early stage of the true God. ” The five-element crocodile naturally felt the breath of divine power floating in the air, so he concluded. An Shuishui congealed eyebrows: "True God level, we now..." In their line of people, now with small Taichu the strongest, in the middle of the immortal king, such strength, obviously can not contend with the true God level strong. It's all right, don't worry about it. Lin Tian said. In this place, there are very complex natural patterns under the ground, which contain the great power of the earth veins. With the burial of the Dragon Sutra under his control and his present cultivation, he can mobilize the power of these earth veins to fight, which is enough to be fearless of the true god-level monks. He beckoned Bai Ziqi and his party and continued to walk deep into the valley. As you go further inside, the white mist in the air becomes thicker and the temperature becomes colder. In the twinkling of an eye, a group of people traveled far into the valley. It was also at this time that an amazing divine energy came from the front, the air was shaking for it, and the Yin force swept across the sky, very pressing. As far as the eye could see, the white mist in front of him rolled and was scattered by the powerful Yin force. There were dozens of figures there. One of them, an old man with brown hair, was interweaving the mist outside his body and was cracking something. The beginning of the true God! The five-element crocodile looked at the old man from a distance, and his eyes were slightly congealed: "The divine power before is what remains of this man." "What is he cracking?" Lingyun asked Lin Tian. Lin Tian looked at the front, and his eyes were already open: "The immortal dragon marrow lives in the depths of the valley, surrounded by the dragon's breath. With the vigorous power of the earth, there is a magic array of killing games, and so on. He is cracking a killing game." "Who?!" At this moment, the front, a cold drink sounded, dozens of figures in the true God level of the strong sense of Lin Tian and a line of breath, direct slanting head to see,foldable bulk container, there are two fine awn from the eyes suddenly shot out. Lin Tian was moved, and the golden divine light wrapped a crowd of people and quickly moved out dozens of feet away, avoiding the two fine rays from each other's eyes. cnplasticpallet.com





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