Zhu Xian txt full edition fine collation edition

Zhu Xian txt full edition fine collation edition

Tu Magu turned his head and said to the ghost, "This is it. The wizard is inside. Let's go in." Gui Li nodded, followed Tu Ma Gu into the stone room, and at a glance saw the bent figure sitting in front of the fire with his back to them. Tumagu motioned for them to wait. Then he stepped forward and stopped where he had just been. "Wizard, they're coming," he said respectfully. The old voice of the Great Wizard sounded slowly, and in the ears of the ghost, it turned out to be a very fluent and authentic Middle Earth language. "Please come over," he said! Tu Ma Gu, you have nothing to do here, you go! Tu Ma Gu answered. He turned to the ghost and said, "Then you can talk to the wizard."! I'll go out first. Gui Li nodded to him and said from the bottom of his heart, "Patriarch, thank you very much." Tu Ma Gu smiled and said, "It's nothing." Said and looked at the ghost in the arms of the small white, in the heart of this world there is such a big capacity for liquor woman, really incredible. With that in mind, he walked out slowly. After the figure of Tu Ma Gu disappeared, Gui Li turned around and looked forward. The bent figure flickered in the light of the fire, which was dark and uncertain, and there was a faint feeling that it was not real, full of mystery. As he hesitated how to open his mouth to plead, the wizard's voice began to ring. Come here, young man! Gui Li listened to the old voice and felt some respect in his heart. "Yes,mulberry leaf extract weight loss," he answered. Holding Xiaobai slowly walked past, six feet behind the wizard, hesitated for a moment, then did not continue to move forward, but stopped in place. Small ash dragged two big wine bags to follow up, followed closely at the foot of the ghost, but three eyes kept looking east and west, looking around the scene,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and finally eyes fell on the strange stone statue of the dog God in front of him, looking at it. Sit down! The old voice of the wizard said quietly. Gui Li sat down according to the words, and Xiaobai's body could not stand steadily at the moment, and it seemed that he was drunk and had the meaning of sleeping. Subconsciously, he leaned on Gui Li, rubbed his head twice on his shoulder, and fell asleep. As for the small ash also seems to be affected by the quiet atmosphere in this stone room, the atmosphere dare not breathe, the moment also quietly sat down beside the small white, put two wine bags on the side, quietly picked up one to the mouth, drank a mouthful. The monkey's eyes rolled and he looked at the figure of the wizard. Why did you come to me? The wizard still faced the fire and did not turn his head. "Wizard," said the ghost, "I have a friend. She has lost two souls and seven souls, and only one soul remains. It's been ten years now. She's like a fake dead man. I heard that the wizard you have the magic of resurrection, just to save her, please wizard you must, tannic acid astringent ,lutein eye complex, to save her.. At the end of the speech, his voice seemed to tremble. Ten years of sad waiting, hard searching, all seem to come to mind at this moment. The wizard did not speak, silent, the stone room fell into a quiet, only in front of the wizard of the pile of flames, crackling burning, bright and uncertain. It was a long time before the wizard broke the silence and said, "How did your friend get this disease?" Gui Li hesitated for a moment and said slowly, "Ten years ago I was with.." The enemy fights, the other side's way is unfathomable, cut down with a powerful fairy sword, I am powerless to resist. She, at the cost of her life, burned all her blood and melted into three souls and seven souls, which saved me, but she herself became.. His voice was a little choked with sobs. After a long pause, he went on to say, "But fortunately, she still has a rare treasure on her body, the'acacia bell. 'At the critical moment, she clasped her soul in the bell, and only then did she have a chance of survival.". Wizard, please save her. ” The sorcerer's back suddenly seemed to grow old again in the light of the fire. He said slowly, "Is the friend you just mentioned a member of the Demon Sect?" The ghost was surprised. Just now he was afraid that the Demon Sect had a bad reputation, so he didn't dare to explain it in particular. Unexpectedly, when the wizard heard it, he suddenly said it directly. Just when he was surprised, the wizard's old voice said again: "She must be a woman!"! And the magic spell used is the secret'infatuation spell 'in the Demon Sect, right? Gui Li was astonished, surprised and delighted. What surprised him was that the old man in the depths of the dark altar in the southern frontier was a strange man who was not born. What delighted him was that the more capable he was, the more hopeful he was to save Baguio. At that moment, regardless of anything else, he nodded repeatedly and said, "The wizard really has a wise eye. That's true.". However, although there are many slanders against the Demon Sect in the world, my friend is really kind-hearted. Please use your magic hand to save her once! The wizard's shoulder seemed to move gently, and in the sound of the flames, there seemed to be a slight sigh, which was faintly sad and faintly sad. Your decent demon religion in the Middle Earth has nothing to do with me, a man of the wilderness. You don't have to worry about that. The ghost was overjoyed and was about to say something when the wizard went on to say, "I do know a little about the magic of resurrection you're talking about.". But I'm not sure if I can save your friend. Gui Li's heart trembled and his eyes were hot. In the past ten years, today, he finally saw a little hope in the darkness. However, the wizard's voice continued: "But before that, I have one more question, you have to answer me first." Gui Li nodded repeatedly and said, "Wizard, please speak." The Great Sorcerer said slowly, "Who told you that the Great Sorcerer in the altar of the Miao people has inherited this magic of resurrection?" Ghost Li Wen Yan was stunned and subconsciously turned to look at Xiaobai. See Xiaobai do not know when to start, the body soft has slipped down from his shoulder,akba boswellic acid, put his head on the thigh of the ghost Li, with a smile on the corners of his mouth, is sleeping sweetly. Ghost Li was so absorbed in talking to the wizard just now that he didn't notice her. prius-biotech.com





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