Stars Change _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel Paradise

Stars Change _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel Paradise

When I saw the memory, Liu Hanshu fell down slowly and hit the ground with a "boom" sound. Qin Yu's heart also seemed to be hit by a "bang". The whole person suddenly trembled. Ah Qin Yu's whole body trembled, his hands trembled, his muscles completely collapsed to the limit, and his tendons burst. Eyes like an angry lion fiercely staring at Wu Bo not far away: "Jade Sword Zong!"! I want you, blood for blood!!! "Two or three levels of Jinxian's strength." It is easy for Wu Bo to detect the strength of Qin Yu from his breath. In the heart is naturally very disdainful, but oneself is eight level gold immortal, moreover is the sword immortal. Bang! Wu Bo put his hand on the hilt of the sword behind his back. Draw your swords! It's too close. Within a distance of less than ten meters. An eight-level Jinxian master, a master of the late Dark Star. Two people can't escape at all. The figure collides with the sword! Qin Yu is wearing the best immortal armor, and his artifact armor is hidden in the body will appear at any time. The sharp sword gas split on the best immortal armor, but the sword gas did not break the armor. But just like the strength of the cattle in the mountains, it shook in Qin Yu's body and even attacked Qin Yu's abdominal position. There was a smile on Wu Bo's face. yuan Ying is fragile, and the third-level Jinxian will surely die in the face of this move. Unfortunately, Wu Bo miscalculated the strength of Qin Yu's body. Although Qin Yu is only the dark star later period, if does not have each kind of weapon equipment, the attack strength most is comparable to the third-level Jinxian. But Qin Yu's body. But the body is stronger than the nine-level Jinxian. After all, immortals seldom refine their bodies. Most importantly.. Qin Yu has endless life power in his body, and his life power has been completely repaired as soon as he is injured. And Qin Yu's body is not a fragile yuan Ying,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, but a'dark star 'condensed to the extreme. The influence of that strength on Qin Yu is negligible. Just Qin Yu's attack power, can break through the defense of the eight-level Jinxian? Wu Bo, wearing intermediate immortal defensive armor, although only intermediate immortal defensive armor, but because of Wu Bo's strong strength. Qin Yu may not be able to break it even if he uses the best fairy sword. Puff! Qin Yu suddenly appeared in the hands of a dagger directly pierced Wu Bo's body, pierced Wu Bo's yuan Ying,carnosic acid price, that defensive armor simply can not play the slightest role in resisting. This is the first time I've killed someone with an artifact. In Wu Bo's incredible eyes, Qin Yu whispered slowly. Artifact Broken. God.. Wu Bo is even more incredible, any sword fairy knows that the first sword fairy'anti-central immortal emperor 'of the strongest sword'breaking the sky'. This dagger turned out to be the legendary artifact'breaking the sky '? Qin Yu and the other side of the strength gap is indeed very big, if the other side is not because Qin Yu began to send out breath, all of a sudden to determine the strength of Qin Yu is two or three Jinxian heart carelessness, absolutely will not be so easy to die. Qin Yu finally killed the other side by the unparalleled sharpness of the sword'breaking the sky '. Artifact. It is absolutely can be more than a few levels of the top weapon to kill people, not to mention breaking the sky or a handle in the artifact, than in those days Panman under the artifact more powerful. Silly disciple, the teacher did not kill him with the sword fairy puppet, but personally killed him with the sword'breaking the sky '. Qin Yu looked at the body of Liu Hanshu not far away and felt a pain in his heart. Qin Yu waved his sleeve and collected Liu Hanshu's body. Hanshu, when the matter is over, I will bury you well, as for now. It's time for those who can only hide in the dark to be buried with you. Qin Yu's eyes are cold. The body of the sword fairy puppet suddenly appeared. A ray of light shot into the body of the sword fairy puppet from Qin Yu himself, pumpkin seed extract ,fenugreek saponins, and Qin Yu's soul had already entered the body of the sword fairy puppet. With a wave of his hand, Qin Yu collected his own body into the Qingyu Fairy Mansion. Of course, his own body is more important than the sword fairy puppet. After all, only by relying on his own body can he practice, and his body has wireless development. Only Now in terms of tenacity, the sword fairy puppet is still physically strong. Now, Qin Yu doesn't want to defend at all, he just wants to kill! Crazy killing!!! Directly pushed open the door of the hall, outside the hall, Kong Lan, Tu Gang, Tan Meng three people are waiting. They knew Qin Yu was inside, but they didn't dare to disturb him. Master Kong Lan three people bow. Qin Yu looked up at the dark red moon in the sky: "Kong Lan, have you found that under the light of the dark red moon, the earth of the maple moon stars is still not red enough?" As soon as Kong Lan's pupil shrank, her eyes flashed a trace of cruel bloodlust. "Then you should dye it red with blood," she said. Hear the answer of Kong Lan, Qin Yu nods slowly: "What you say is very right, it is to use blood to dye red, and it is the blood that uses ace to dye its red." With that, Qin Yu cast his eyes on the sky. Qin Yu's sensitive immortal consciousness has sensed that someone is coming to kill him. The speed of the three figures was extremely fast, and the huge breath they emitted made tens of millions of practitioners in the whole city of Liufeng tremble, and these practitioners all felt unprecedented fear. Three immortals! In the blood-red night, three figures stood in the air, looking at the three people below with cold eyes. Three nine-level demon kings, or mythical beasts, are good in strength. Emperor Qian Qixian, the leader of the three, said with a faint smile, and at this time ten consecutive figures flew over at a very fast speed, and the first batch of ten nine-level Jinxian arrived. Are you from Qin Yu's school? Emperor Qian Qixian looked at Qin Yu, and he felt that Qin Yu was a little mysterious. There was only a cruel sneer on Qin Yu's face. My disciples were killed by your men. Qin Yu's voice rang out, "that's my only disciple, and he died for me." There is endless fire in the sound, which is the endless hellfire hidden in the depths of Jiuyou. Qian Qi Xian Di, Yu Qing Zi, Xia Hua Xian Di three people don't care at all, this time a batch of nine-level Jinxian arrived one after another, immediately is a batch of eight-level Jinxian. "There are nearly seventy golden immortals of the ninth grade and nearly two hundred golden immortals of the eighth grade." Qin Yu's pupil sent out a cold light. Nearly three hundred people formed two big circles in the air, everyone looked at the Qin Yu below several people,lycopene for skin, nearly three hundred people, and the lowest one is the eight-level Jinxian, the breath formed by this group of people is simply suffocating.





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