Miraculous Doctor: Don't Mess with the Third Lady

Miraculous Doctor: Don't Mess with the Third Lady

Gu Yunchang did not wait for him to finish, stretched out his finger on his right shoulder, the friar could not move, a face of panic looking at Gu Yunchang. Gu Yunchang pulled the cloud scene carefully asked him, Gu Yunjing stuttered to say what had happened, Gu Yunchang's face was cold at that time, walked up to the friar, murderous look in the body churned and spread, toward the friar, Gu Yunjing shivered beside him. But the friar was scared white, because he saw in the eyes of Gu Yunchang the scene of corpses everywhere, it is a strange place, there are tornadoes, tsunamis, forests, a sea of fire. There were corpses of wild animals, and there were dead people all over the place. It was a world filled with blood, and there was no breath of life at all. His head'buzzed ', as if the string was broken, his eyes slowly scattered, and he could no longer focus on it. Fear, is the fear in the bone, this is the murderous look, the physical murderous look, he can not give birth to any desire to resist,ultrasonic welding transducer, at this moment, in addition to the blank or blank in the head. At this time, Gu Yunjing's hand a cool, saw a sharp dagger lying in the palm of the hand, the moment can not help asking looking at Gu Yunchang, did not understand what she meant. Gu Yunchang said softly. Kill him! After hearing this, Gu Yunjing's palms broke out in a cold sweat and shook. He had seen others kill people, but he had never killed anyone. He wouldn't dare! Gu Yunjing stood still and was very nervous. Gu Yunchang pushed him and urged him. Yunjing, kill him! Gu Yunjing looked at the monk in front of him,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, trembled in his heart, swallowed saliva unconsciously, shook and raised the delicate dagger, the sharp blade reflected a bright light in the moonlight, shining in the eyes of the monk, seemed to pull back a trace of his reason, cold sweat across his forehead, pale and weak face said. Don't, don't kill me, I'm wrong, I'll never dare again.. Gu Yunjing's hand holding the dagger paused, stopped at the friar's chest, did not stab down, and trembled. Seeing this, Gu Yunchang came behind him, stretched out his hand and held his wrist holding the dagger. His trembling little hand stopped shaking. Gu Yunchang whispered in his ear. Gu Yunjing, I give you a lesson, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, you remember: people do not attack me, I do not attack. If a man offends me, he will pay for it a hundred times. So I'll give you one last chance. Don't let me down. Yunjing, kill him! Mu Qingge looked at all this and did not stop, the little man's life experience is not simple, as a descendant of the witch doctor clan, if such a woman's benevolence, when the fairy world absolutely can not live, maybe in the future the little man with him into the spirit world of the clan, will be gnawed even the bones are not left, this road to longevity is not a broad road. Countless people stepping on other people's lives to walk on this single-plank bridge, so soft-hearted, Gu Yunchang simply can not protect him, maybe it will be a bad thing! Gu Yunjing bit his lip, his heart sank, if he did not kill this man, his sister would not pay attention to him, would not like him any more, he heard the disappointment in Gu Yunchang's tone, no! His mother has been taken away, and he only has his sister in the world. He wants to be strong, his sister is only less than fifteen years old, his mother's affairs can not be put on her shoulders alone, he also wants to be strong. After a while, when Gu Yunjing raised his head again, his eyes changed and became a little sharp. Gu Yunchang loosened his hand, and the hand holding the dagger no longer trembled. Gu Yunjing was cruel, closed his eyes and sent the dagger forward. Nope I was wrong I.. The friar kept begging for mercy with a pale face, but it stopped abruptly at the moment when Gu Yunjing's dagger was sent out. His face was written with disbelief. He looked at the boy of twelve or thirteen years old in front of him in disbelief. He did not believe that he had been killed by the cowardly boy. The blood in his mouth spurted out and sprinkled on Gu Yunjing's white clothes, like a little red plum, which was very beautiful. Gu Yunjing dazed wiped the warmth on his face, looked at his trembling hands, the blood on them was still hot, he... Killed a man He really killed him, although he wanted him to die, but, did not expect this day really came, and.. He killed himself. 。 Gu Yunchang took out a veil from his sleeve, gently wiped the blood on his face, and looked at the dull Gu Yunjing with some heartache. But Yunjing can't be so cowardly. She was only eight years old when she killed for the first time! She also used a dagger at that time. The man did not believe that he would die in the hands of an eight-year-old child until he died. But this is the test of the organization. The first test of entry is that you must have blood on your hands and you must kill the target assigned to you by the organization. After the killing, she smiled happily, because that man was her'gambler father '. I remember that the eldest brother said at that time that she was a natural killer and should eat in this line of work. Today, she forced her brother to kill a man who had been blackmailing him for a long time. She also wanted Yunjing to grow up normally, but now they had a mother and a father to save, and an unknown enemy to watch covetously. She could not always protect him. Gu Yunjing felt Gu Yunchang gently wiping his cheeks and palms for him and murmured. Sister, he.. Died ” Gu Yunjing's voice trembled a little, and now he didn't believe he had killed anyone. Gu Yunchang's eyes flashed heartache, hugged him and comforted him. If he's dead, he's dead. He deserves to die. Gu Yunjing's eyes slowly recovered, but he lowered his head and did not know what he was thinking. On the way back, Gu Yunchang and Mu Qingge did not speak, so that the little guy could think about it by himself. Gu Yunchang sent him to the door of the room and pulled Gu Yunjing and said softly. Sister doesn't want you to die in the future because of your cowardice and softness, and she doesn't want you to become bloodthirsty and indifferent in the future. Sister just wants you to have the ability to protect yourself. Don't blame sister.. Ok ?” Gu Yunjing nodded gently, today really some fear,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, he now some slow down. He closed the door and went into his bedroom. Gu Yunchang looked at the closed door in front of him and sighed. Gu Yunjing this kid is very clever, you don't worry, he will be able to figure it out. fycgsonic.com





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