Don Quixote

"In any village or city, do I have anything bad to talk about, country bumpkin?"

"In any village or city, do I have anything bad to talk about, country bumpkin?" "If you are angry, I won't say anything," said Sancho. "I won't say anything that I should have said to my master as a good servant." "You can say whatever you want, as long as you're not alarmist." Don Quixote said, "If you are afraid, do as you please; I am not afraid, and I am my own way." "That's not what I meant. Really, it's all my fault!" Sancho said, "I have now made it clear that this woman who claims to be the queen of the great kingdom of Micomikon is nothing special compared with my mother.". If she were a real queen, she wouldn't be sneaking around with someone in the circle when no one was looking. As soon as Sancho said this, Dorothea blushed, for her husband, Fernando, did avoid everyone, and used his lips to comfort his love from hers. This was seen by Sancho, who felt that such frivolity could only be a prostitute, not the proper behavior of a queen of such a great kingdom. Dorotea could not answer, nor did he want to answer Sancho,ultrasonic dispersion machine, so he had to let him go on. Sancho added: "I mean, my Lord, we take the road and the path, and we live in peace day and night, but what we get is to let these people who are free in the inn enjoy their success.". In this case, there is no need for me to prepare a saddle for Luo Xinando, a good saddle for my donkey, and a mount for her in a hurry. Let the bitch do hers and we'll eat ours. God bless! How angry Don Quixote was when he heard his attendant say such a rude thing! His eyes were on fire,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and he stammered hurriedly: "How dare you speak ill of others behind their backs, you mindless, rude, and ignorant bitch!"! How dare you say such a thing in my presence, and in the presence of so many noble ladies, and imagine it shamelessly! You evil devil, who dare to spread rumors and mislead people's minds, are really despicable and foolish, and insult the dignity of noble people. Get out of my face quickly, lest I be rude to you! Then he frowned, puffed out his cheeks, looked around, stamped his right foot on the ground, and expressed his anger. When Sancho heard Don Quixote's words, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, he saw that he was so angry that he shrank into a ball and wished that the ground under his feet would crack and let him fall in. Not knowing what to do, he had to turn around and walk away. The wise Dorothea knew Don Quixote's temper very well. In order to alleviate his anger, Dorothea said to him: Do not be offended by the foolish words of your good servant, my Lord knight. He just shouldn't say anything out of thin air. He meant well and had a Christian conscience, and no one would believe that he intended to frame anyone. It can be believed that, as you said, Lord Knight, in this castle, everything is controlled by magic, it must be so. So I said that Sancho was probably under the influence of magic and saw things that he didn't really see that were beneath my dignity. "I swear by Almighty God," said Don Quixote, "that you are absolutely right. Perhaps it was some magical illusion that made the guilty Sancho see the impossible, and I know this unlucky man very well. He is kind and simple, and will not intentionally frame people. "Yes, of course," said Fernando. "So you, Don Quixote, should forgive him and make up with him, and not let those illusions make him lose his reason." Don Quixote said he forgave Sancho, so the priest went to find Sancho. Sancho came back humbly. He knelt before Don Quixote and asked to kiss Don Quixote's hand. Don Quixote gave him his hand, let him kiss his hand, and then blessed him. Don Quixote said: "Sancho, I have told you many times that everything in this castle is controlled by magic, and now you should understand that it is true." "I believe that," said Sancho, "but it was true that it was thrown. ” "Don't think so," said Don Quixote. "If that were the case, I would have avenged you, and even if I hadn't, I would have avenged you now. But neither in the past nor now do I know who to avenge. Everyone wanted to know about the sheets, so the shopkeeper told Sancho's story in detail, and everyone laughed. Had it not been for Don Quixote's reassurance that it was magic, Sancho would have been ashamed. However, no matter how stupid Sancho is, he will not be unaware that he has been played by a group of flesh and blood people, not an illusion as his master said. Two days passed. The guests at the inn thought it was time to start. They decided not to bother Dorotea and Fernando any more, but to let the priest and the barber send Don Quixote home, as had been agreed, in the name of rescuing Princess Micomicona. The priest tried to treat him locally. They decided to send Don Quixote back in an ox cart that happened to pass by. They put something like a cage on the oxcart so that Don Quixote could stay comfortably in it. Fernando and his companions, the servants of Don Louis and the regiment, according to the priest's ideas and instructions, all covered their faces and dressed up as people of different identities so that Don Quixote could not recognize the people he had seen in the inn. When they were ready, they crept into Don Quixote's room. Don Quixote had gone to bed and rested after several fights that day. They came to him and held him tightly, hands and feet firmly tied, as he snored and did not know it. When he was awakened, he could not move and could only look at the strange faces in front of him in surprise. Then the strange idea came to him that these strange people were the ghosts of the castle,ultrasonic generator driver, and that he himself must have been subdued by magic, so that he could neither move nor defend himself. All this had been anticipated by the abb, the mastermind of the operation.





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