Detective Zhou Tong Series 4: The Skinner _ Yu Lei

Detective Zhou Tong Series 4: The Skinner _ Yu Lei

Uncle Fang thought about it, then shook his head and said, "I haven't heard of her. During the day, she helps in the shop. At night, she mostly finds some friends to sing and so on. She won't go to the temple when she is free." "But as far as we know, she probably went to a temple in October. Here's a picture for you to see." Chen Siguo said that he took out the picture printed out after computer processing, "Please identify it. Does the girl in the picture look like your daughter?" Uncle Fang turned on the light, put on his glasses, looked at it carefully, and said, "This girl is dressed like Huihui.." But the face in the painting is not clear. Where did the painting come from? "We found the painting from the home of another deceased person. Can you confirm that the girl in the painting is your daughter?" "This necklace was given to her by my wife and me on her birthday this year. The style of the necklace is very special, so I am very impressed." Uncle Fang's tone was a little more positive. Do you have any impression of the temple in the painting? "No.." Maybe my wife knows that she likes to talk to her mother about something. However Uncle Fang remembered that his wife had suffered a stroke and was still unconscious in the hospital. His tears could no longer hold back and fell down. Uncle Fang, Huihui's boyfriend, do you know him? Yan Yongjie, who had not spoken, suddenly asked at this time. This bastard, if it wasn't for him, my daughter wouldn't have run out that night. I think he did it! The old man suddenly became excited and flushed. Uncle Fang, don't get excited. We'll investigate it carefully. Chen Siguo hurriedly comforted that he had already investigated Fang Huihui's boyfriend, and did not have the conditions and motives to commit the crime. He did not know why Yan Yongjie would suddenly have this question, so he naturally cast his eyes on Yan Yongjie. But Yan Yongjie continued to ask, "Uncle Fang, can you tell us more about the night Huihui left?" Uncle Fang wanted to complain, because he had told the police several times about the situation that night, but when he saw Yan Yongjie's serious expression on his face,ultrasonic metal welding, he just sighed again, and then said: "That night Wang Haiyan, an ignorant smelly boy, came to Huihui again.." As soon as he said this, Yan Yongjie suddenly heard the sound of light footsteps coming from the second floor, and she stood up slowly. Chen Siguo and Fang Bo are ordinary people, naturally do not have Yan Yongjie such hearing, see Yan Yongjie suddenly stood up, a little inexplicable feeling. Just then, an arrow suddenly shot at Fang Bo. Yan Yongjie was well prepared, and the pen used to record in her hand flew out and knocked open the arrow. What people? Yan Yongjie then gave a loud shout and jumped up like a ROC spreading its wings. This series of actions, so that the side of Chen Siguo and Fangbo see the tongue-tied. wWw。 Xiaoshuo txt. CoM \ t = xt * * Xiao/Shuo Tian ^ Tang% Chapter 6 The Snowman The man who put the arrow in the back upstairs did not expect that the girl downstairs would have such skill, and in the blink of an eye, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, she was already in front of her. Yan Yongjie jumped upstairs and found that it was a Lama who shot the arrow in the back. Although the Lama was not discomfited, he pulled out a long knife from his waist and struck Yan Yongjie sideways. Yan Yongjie dare not be careless, this knife looks simple, but its potential is like thunder! She jumped up again, tapped the hilt with one foot, drew a graceful arc in the air, dodged the knife, and kicked back. The Lama immediately returned the knife and cut her ankle. Yan Yongjie seemed to have expected, but the kick was a false move. The Lama saw the shadow of his feet flicker, and his face hit him like lightning. The Lama was frightened, and Heng Dao retreated. Yan Yongjie also did not dare to underestimate the enemy Mang Jin, the other side's knife skills, he had never seen before, very strange. The Lama stood firm, reorganized his sword, and the shadow of the sword filled the sky like a downpour of rain. Yan Yongjie also did not panic, avoid the real on the virtual, fist like stars, to meet up. All of a sudden, the second floor of the knife light fist shadow, such as the surging waves of snow. Chen Siguo and Fang Bo also went up to the second floor at this time, but they were dazzled and could not distinguish the figures. Have they ever personally experienced such a situation? At most, they have seen it in martial arts movies before. Chen Siguo raised his pistol and looked at the figure in the room, but did not dare to shoot easily for fear of accidentally injuring Yan Yongjie. When the Lama saw that the action had failed, there was a policeman next to him, who was holding a gun covetously and dared not continue to fight. With a false knife, his body was like a startled swan, and he broke out of the window. Yan Yongjie wanted to go after her, but a sharp pain came from her leg and she could no longer support herself and fell to her knees. Are you all right? Chen Siguo looked at the blood that kept coming out of her legs and asked worriedly. It's all right. Protect Uncle Fang and ask for backup. A cold sweat broke out on Yan Yongjie's forehead. She had never met such a strong enemy since her debut. If it hadn't been for Chen Siguo holding a gun beside her, she would have lost her life in the first World War. Zhou Tong only felt his head heavy and his chest dull, but he finally became conscious, slowly opened his eyes, and found himself lying on a soft bed, covered with a heavy quilt, very warm. He turned his head sideways and saw Jinduo lying on the edge of his bed, asleep. Jin Duo'er. Zhou Tong put his hand out of the quilt and patted her. Brother Zhou Tong. You finally woke up! The tears on Jin Duo's face had not yet dried. What the hell happened? How could two monsters suddenly appear and take you away? Zhou Tong remembered the scene just now and asked hurriedly. As soon as you went in to make a phone call, the three of us suddenly smelled a strange odor, followed by a dizziness, and when I woke up, I found myself on the shoulders of a snowman.. Jin Duo's face was still full of fear. Zhou Tong lifted the quilt and sat up from the bed. Is the hairy monster really the legendary snowman? Jin Duo nodded affirmatively. But Zhou Tong's heart is still full of doubts, if it is really a snowman, then do they know how to use ecstasy? "Jin Duo,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, where's your cell phone?" Zhou Tong touched around the bed and didn't find his cell phone. "I want to ask a friend of mine for help." Jin Duo took out her cell phone from her pocket, but said dejectedly, "You broke it when you fainted just now." Zhou Tong took the mobile phone and saw that it was broken and could not be turned on.





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