Wolongsheng Ghost Siyan

"Yes," said Li Sanqi. When I get there, I'll find a way to get in touch with your brother Tan.

"Yes," said Li Sanqi. When I get there, I'll find a way to get in touch with your brother Tan. The more secret my actions are, the better. "What's the matter?" Asked Tan Changfeng? Don't the people in the Fairy Temple know about Master Li's arrival in Yangzhou? Li Sanqi hesitated for a moment and said, "At least they haven't noticed me yet.". Now they seem to have just moved outward and have not yet focused their attention on Jianghu characters. Brother Tan, let's make it clear first. If the people in the fairy temple are Jianghu people, I, Li Sanqi, can't sit idly by. If they are not Jianghu people, I, Li, can't intervene. "Of course," said Tan Changfeng, "if the other side is not a Jianghu character, we won't dare to work for you." ” "Good," said Li Sanqi! That's a deal. Please go back! Tan Changfeng folded his fists and said, "Thank you, Master Li." Li Sanqi suddenly sighed and said, "Now I realize that a person who takes someone else's silver is such a burden." Xu million has not spoken, followed Tan Changfeng to leave. Tan Changfeng looked back at Xu Baiwan and said, "Proprietor, you seem to have a heavy heart all the time." "I've been wondering," said Xu Baiwan, "whether they are Jianghu people or not." "The proprietor means.." said Tan Changfeng. "I'm thinking," said Xu Baiwan, "that the people in the Fairy Temple are not the people in Jianghu you said! People like Li Sanqi are the heroes of Jianghu. I'm worried. Changfeng,juice filling machine, if he really enters the mansion, how can we drive him away? Tan Changfeng was stunned. "Don't you believe Li Sanqi?" He asked. "Chang Feng," said Xu Baiwan, "I don't see where he can be trusted." Tan Changfeng smiled and said, "That's no wonder, proprietor. You're a real businessman. You know too little about things in Jianghu.". "To tell you the truth, Changfeng," said Xu Baiwan, "Qinglianzi,water filling machine, the abbot of the Fairy Temple, is terrible, but she's a little better than Master Li." Tan Changfeng was stunned. He could not imagine that Xu Baiwan was so afraid and disgusted with Daxia Li. But he knew in his heart that Li Sanqi's help to the Xu family was too important. He endured, did not say much, he understood that now, is not the time to discuss this matter with Xu million. Xu Baiwan sighed and said, "Changfeng, are we still going to see Luo Gang?" "Proprietor," said Tan Changfeng, "we should look at Luo Gang! Green lotus seeds show a certain kind of power, has made the owner a little confused, so. Xu Baiwan answered, "Changfeng, I don't believe that Qinglianzi is a supernatural person. I just think she may have a strange power, which makes me a little afraid." "Proprietor," said Tan Changfeng, "all this is just an act. Qinglianzi is not a goddess, and she can't use gods and ghosts. She was just thinking about the owner's money. Proprietor, Edible oil filling machine ,PET blowing machine, two hundred thousand silver, if it's not too much harm to the proprietor, I think it's better to spend money to eliminate disasters. Xu Baiwan hesitated for a moment and said, "To tell you the truth, Changfeng, I can take out two hundred thousand silver, but it's a big sum. It's really painful for me to take it out." After a pause, he said, "But now I've figured it out." "Have you figured it out?" Asked Tan Changfeng. "Yes," said Xu Baiwan! If two hundred thousand silver can make Qinglianzi give up this matter, I would like to take out two hundred thousand taels of silver to calm things down. Tan Changfeng said in his heart, "Rich people are probably like this. They love money as much as their lives. They won't feel pain until the knife is stuck in their bodies. If they had taken the 200,000 silver earlier, they wouldn't have had this kind of trouble.". "Proprietor," he said, "Daxia Li is a geek in the wind and dust and a master in Jianghu. Luo Gang is also a very prominent figure in the bodyguard industry. If they are willing to help, we will have a very powerful force. Be prepared. Even if we are ready to reconcile with Qinglianzi, we need to be more prepared. Proprietor, if this reconciliation fails, It is likely that a strong conflict will be launched. ” "Strong conflict?" Asked Xu Baiwan. "That's right," said Tan Changfeng. "If Qinglianzi sends someone to pretend to be a ghost and make trouble in Xu's mansion, we'll have to expose them. At that time, it will be a hand-to-hand situation." Xu Baiwan said, "Changfeng, are you really pretending?" "Yes," said Tan Changfeng! However, because we were not prepared enough, we did not expose them immediately. Next time, proprietor, I will catch a ghost to show you. Under the strong struggle of Tan Changfeng, Xu Baiwan also went to Luo Gang's home. But his attitude is not sincere enough because he is not from his heart. Luo Gang didn't take it seriously either. He said that the Escort Agency was busy. If there was a real need, please send someone to say hello again. Tan Changfeng saw it in his eyes and was very angry in his heart, but he did not have an attack. He is a very moral person, Xu Baiwan treats him well, although he can not be convinced, but it is not convenient to let go. He knew in his heart that if he did not let Xu Baiwan suffer a painful lesson, it would be very difficult for him to wake up. Back to Xu Fu, the sky is bright. Xu Baiwan may have lingering palpitations, but he is still in good spirits. When he returned to the hall without sleep, he pulled Tan Changfeng to say: "Changfeng, I've been thinking that we should go and see that green lotus seed." "Oh," said Tan Changfeng! What are you going to say to them? "Reconciliation," said Xu Baiwan. "Reconciliation?" Asked Tan Changfeng? How to reconcile? "Changfeng," said Xu Baiwan, "if you spend money to eliminate disasters, you're not asking for trouble. I've thought about it again and again. I can afford 200,000 silver, so I'm going to pay this price." Tan Changfeng said in his heart, "It seems that if he hadn't suffered a serious blow, it would have been very difficult for him to change.". After all, he was only a hired guard martial artist, and even if he talked about it, it was not convenient to say anything more. "What do you think, Changfeng?" Asked Xu Baiwan. Tan Changfeng said, "My opinion has been stated many times, but the proprietor refuses to accept it.". Since the proprietor thinks he can spend money to keep him safe, he can spend money to try. "Yes,CSD filling line," said Xu Baiwan! I want to have a try. Today, let's go to Yiyue Fairy Temple. "Do you want to go by yourself?" Asked Tan Changfeng. "Madam is ill," said Xu Baiwan. "I'll have to go by myself." 。 gzxilinear.com





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