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With a bitter look on his face, the yamen runner said, "Zheng Xiucai, according to the procuress of the Cuiyun Hall,

With a bitter look on his face, the yamen runner said, "Zheng Xiucai, according to the procuress of the Cuiyun Hall, after the traveling merchant redeemed Miss Yan Yun, he left by boat. We also went to the Tonglinfu dock to inquire about it. When we got on the dock and sailed around, we really didn't know where the traveling merchant had gone. The earth was so big that we didn't know where to look for him." "I don't care, you go and get him back!" Zheng Jingman said unreasonably. Hu Zhichun frowned and looked at Zheng Jing with an unhappy expression. "You go down first," he said to the bailiff. The bailiff saluted and stood aside in a hurry. "After ten years of hard work, once he failed in the exam, he developed hysteria." Lord Lin's words were full of sighs and pity. Hu Zhichun frowned and said hesitantly, "Now the important witnesses are not here. It is impossible to judge who is lying. There is nothing wrong with the residence of Zhang Xiu and An Yun. Zheng Jing, Zhang Xiu and An Yun heard the verdict in the court. The evidence in this case is insufficient. There is no doubt about the crime. Zheng Jing's statement is rejected. Zhang Xiu, An Yun, maintain their original fame unchanged." "My Lord, I'm not convinced, I'm not convinced!" Zheng Jing shouted. Lord Hu glanced at Zhang Xiu and An Yun, and then at Zheng Jing, who described him as crazy. He said in a good voice, "Do you know what is the crime of falsely accusing Juren?" "If the charges are confirmed and the following crimes are committed, you should be sentenced to remove your fame and exile for thousands of miles." Hu Zhichun paused and said, "Now the evidence is insufficient. Each side takes a step back. It is impossible to prove your false accusation, nor can it prove that Zhang Xiu and An Yun cheated. This matter is over." Seeing that Zheng Jing wanted to say something more, the master beside him opened his mouth and said,outdoor ficus tree, "It's not easy for you to pass the examination of Xiucai. Think about it carefully. If you stick to it, if you can't find that Miss Yan Yun, your future will be all in it. You will take the provincial examination again after three years. You are not very old now. Do you think it's worthwhile to continue to entangle?" When Zhang Xiu came to his senses, he said proudly, "Zheng Jing, I took you to eat, drink and play a few days ago. I didn't expect you to be full of treacherous thoughts. You turned around and falsely accused me. You were jealous and talked at random. You are really a villain!" As soon as I thought of my hard study on weekdays, I was hooked by Zhang Xiu and An Yun every day after I arrived at Tonglin Mansion. Obviously, everyone was fooling around together,silk ficus tree, but in the end, these two people were admitted to Juren. Zheng Jing's heart was full of resentment. You talk nonsense, that Yan Yun must be taken away by you to send someone to redeem himself, good death without proof, it must be like this! Zheng Jing, however, shouted in his mind. Zhang Xiu gave a sneer and said, "You mean I sent someone to redeem myself?"? Yan Yun was redeemed three days ago. Is it difficult for me to predict that you will come to sue me today? "You are so powerful that you are not surprised to do anything!" Zheng Jing gritted his teeth and said. "Are you ill and confused?" Said Zhang Xiuqi. "You said I would redeem her, but I suspect you did. I never said that, but now I can't prove it. Maybe you deliberately prepared to trap me!" Zhang Xiu turned his head to Hu Zhichun and Lin Xuezheng and said, "Two adults, although the students had fun for a few days before the exam, they were usually detained at home and slept in the third watch and got up in the fifth watch. After leaving the elders in the family, they indulged for a few days. I never thought that it would become the guilt of others attacking me. The students were wronged. Please ask the two adults to make decisions!" Hu Zhichun heart is very clear, this Lin Xuezheng with Zhang Xiu and others, there should be involved, but there is no real evidence of the imperial examination fraud, outdoor ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, he turned a blind eye to the past, if really broke out the matter of fraud, Lin Xuezheng as the chief examiner can not get good, he this cooperative person also want to follow. Ryukyu province is not big, is a small province that the court does not attach importance to, but the dispute in the court is eventually spread to this small place along the east wind of the provincial examination, if there is evidence, Hu Zhichun can also fight, but at this time, in the face of Lin Xuezheng and others behind the intertwined forces, he is wise to protect himself. Hu Zhichun coughed lightly and said, "Yan Yun's whereabouts are unknown. There is a lack of important witnesses in this case. We have to forgive others. It's better to give up.". ” Zhang Xiu, however, looked as if he had suffered a great injustice. He said, "According to what Zheng Jing said, I got the examination questions half a month before the examination. How ridiculous is that? How confidential are the provincial examination questions? How can I, an ordinary person, know?"? If Zheng Jing only falsely accused me, he also falsely accused Lord Lin. If the provincial examination questions are really leaked, Lord Lin, as the chief examiner, is also to blame. Zheng Jing's intentions are so sinister that he must be severely punished! Zheng Jing: "The students have absolutely no intention of making false accusations, nor do they have any intention of clinging to Lord Lin. I would like to ask you two to be wise!" Zheng Jing before the hearsay to listen to a few words, and was the same failed classmate, this came to complain, this is an impulsive move, now also gradually calm down, think of so many people behind Zhang Xiu failed, but only he was encouraged to come out, he immediately covered with cold sweat, and see Lin Xuezheng at this time not good expression, immediately scared two war. Zhang Xiuyi gritted his teeth and accused Zheng Jing of framing. Changsheng looked at Zhang Xiu singing, reading and beating, as if he had really suffered a great injustice. The little monkey tore up a piece of paper, thinking that it had been torn into countless pieces. At that time, he could not return it. After a casual glance, he put it aside. Then when he wanted to dispose of it again, Luo Nian, who cleaned up the room, sent it to the kitchen and burned it. Complete paper Luo Nian will be carefully kept, torn pieces of paper Luo Nian only as waste paper, directly taken to burn. Changsheng heart also do not know what to say, such a strange combination of circumstances, burned seems to be the only evidence that can prove Zhang Xiu fraud, he does not know if the scraps of paper are still there, he will not come forward to prove, but now this situation, he has completely picked out from the case. Speaking of it, the evidence of the fraud case is insufficient, but the evidence of the false accusation case is obvious, and all the people present are witnesses. Lin Xuezheng said, as if to pity Zheng Jing, but every word into the knife, cut on Zheng Jing. Seeing Lin Xuezheng's obvious tendency now,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, Zheng Jing was directly pushed into the abyss. Zhang Xiu, do you insist on suing? Hu Zhichun asked, he looked at Zheng Jing under the heart some can not bear.





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