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"Take it." Qi Le gave the white rose to Ning Zhou, and he took the bunch of red roses that Ning Zhou gave him.

"Take it." Qi Le gave the white rose to Ning Zhou, and he took the bunch of red roses that Ning Zhou gave him. Ning Zhou silently picked up the flowers and did not express any opinion about the wedding ceremony. In this shabby wedding ceremony, everything is simplified to the extreme, even at will. Yu Ying acted as the master of ceremonies, and Qi Yue himself hummed the wedding March, holding Ning Zhou's hand and walking along the road in the middle of the magma. Along the way, they kept looking at each other, smiling at the corners of their lips and eyebrows. The eagle paced impatiently on the stone platform until the two men came to it. He cleared his throat, called out a few times, and then tilted his head. "I forgot the words." Qi Le laughed out loud on the spot and pushed Ning Zhou: "Can't you control it to speak?"? Hurry up. Ning Zhou stared at the waste bird silently, with a little disgust in his eyes. Forget it, I'll do it! Unexpectedly, Qi Le, who wanted the newlyweds to be the master of ceremonies, volunteered, holding roses in one hand and Ning Zhou's hand in the other, and asked with a smile, "Mr. Ning Zhou, would you like to marry the man in front of you? No matter how many difficulties there are ahead, you will work together, never abandon each other,Micro Gear Motor, and live and die together." Ning Zhou gazed into his eyes, which had amazed him countless times, and a ripple flashed through his eyes, which was a layer of tears that soaked the blue eyes: “…… I do. Qi Le Ren smiled and said, "Cough, Mr. Qi Le Ren. Yes, that's me.". Will you marry the man in front of you? In heaven or hell,Planetary Gear Motor, in life or in destruction, you will be with him forever until death do you part. Then he added, "Of course I will!"! We'll be together forever! Everyone witnessed it, and they all wished us happiness. In this empty cave, those who left seemed to have come here to witness the wedding of two people in this purgatory. There is no right or wrong, crime and punishment, should and should not, this is just two souls who have experienced countless hardships come together, this is the original appearance of love. Now you can kiss! The big black bird, who acted as the master of ceremonies, finally remembered a line and stood on the stone platform and shouted. Qi Le smiled, hugged Ning Zhou and kissed him, but his lips touched cold tears. Qi Le opened his eyes in surprise and looked at Ning Zhou, who was suddenly in tears. While wiping the tears on his face, he comforted him with heartache: "It doesn't matter. It's all over. Everything will be all right.". After a while, 24v Gear Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, Si Lin and I will ask for leave, and we will go to the polar region to see your penguins, OK? After two years, when my strength has improved and I can condense my incarnation, we can travel around the world, and I can accompany you wherever you want to go. Ning Zhou buried his face in his neck, and silent tears wet his shirt. The silent sadness finally made Qi Le realize that it was unusual. He asked nervously and confusedly, "What's wrong, Ning Zhou?" "I'm sorry." Ning Zhou could no longer restrain the pain of this moment. He held Qi Le's hand tightly and said sorry again and again. Qi Le tried to break away from his hand and patted him on the back, but found that he could not move. The red rose fell from his hand because of his stiffness and fell on the cold earth, discomfited. At this moment, he suddenly realized something, and the questions he dared not think about were once again placed in front of him, forcing him to face them. How the hell did he survive? Why did Ning Zhou rush to the underground ant city to complete the task of killing the demon king? Why don't they go back to the twilight country after finishing the task? "Ning Zhou, what do you want to do?" The flustered Qi Le asked, trembling. Ning Zhou released his hand, and a thin boundary separated them. Standing on the other side of the boundary, Ning Zhou avoided his sight and said, "The illusionist will come to take you back to the land of dusk. I.." I'm going to do something. I'm sorry, but I have to. "What is it?" Qi Le asked relentlessly, "No matter what you do, let me go with you!" Ning Zhou shook his head and whispered, "It's enough to have me alone in hell.". ” There was a sound of footsteps in the depths of the cave, and a large group of demons appeared in the cave. They stood respectfully aside, but they were silent. They worshipped his lover as king. Qi Le people are trembling all over, he has understood what Ning Zhou wants to do, he wants to go back to the demon world, re-embark on the road that the old demon king has gone through. Even more terrible than that road. He has his own realm of destruction, plus the realm of the demon world left by the old demon king. Once the two realms are completely merged, he will only be more powerful and more terrible than his father. Absolute power brings absolute destruction. Either he is completely devoured by the source of destruction, becomes the new king of the demon world, and pulls the human world into the endless war; or he uses his remaining reason to destroy the whole demon world and himself. Ning Zhou had turned around and walked in the direction of the demons. The world was turned upside down at this moment, and the sweetness and happiness before the moment were torn to pieces in a twinkling of an eye. Regardless of the sharp pain coming from the half-field, Qi Le people forced themselves to break free and rushed to the boundary like crazy. They knocked hard and shouted at the top of their voices: "Ning Zhou, you bastard!"! We just made a vow, heaven or hell, I'll be there for you! Why do you want to go alone? Ning Zhou left the footsteps stopped, but did not turn around, that is about to disappear in the dim light of the back, lonely like a dream is about to disappear. He's leaving, he's losing him, he's losing him! Qi Le's reason was instantly destroyed by this cognition, and his emotional breakdown made him cry out of control while beating the boundary desperately, but the gap of a realm made him unable to break free at all. He tried his best to stay, because he knew how terrible the parting would be. Bastard! Liar! Coward! Let me out if you dare! Why do you want to go alone?! When Ning Zhou went to the Demon World, he returned to the land of dusk. They were separated by more than thousands of mountains and rivers. Ning Zhou so quietly stood there,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, did not go away, did not look back, as if not heard. ichgearmotor.com





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