We travelled for 29 hours before finally reaching Verhnemultinskoe Lake in the Katunskiy Biosphere Reservation, with its glaciers, waterfalls and mountain lake water of vivid colour. I was told „not to frighten their bears“, and to sing a song when running into them.

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If that seems overwhelming, make your water more interesting with flavorful additions like berries and crushed mint, cubed melon, and sliced jalapeno, or cooling slices of cucumber with lemongrass. When a person builds up a physical dependence upon a drug or alcohol, their body comes to expect that they’ll continually maintain a certain supply of the substance in their blood stream. Their body adjusts its production of certain chemicals accordingly.

Traditional addiction treatment begins with a process called detoxification, which is meant to assist with removing drugs from the body and managing withdrawal symptoms. During this time, which can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, the patient may receive medications such as methadone and buprenorphine to minimize drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. A. It’s a diet plan to reduce the intake of toxins in the body, which you take from pollution and foods. Here you intake only natural foods like fruits or vegetables.

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